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Liven Up Your Living Room Lighting

We all know that lighting can play a huge role in creating ambience. And while it may be difficult to understand the technicalities of lighting, there are ways to simplify the variety of contemporary lighting. To narrow down your lighting choices, there are essentially three broad categories of lighting. These three lighting categories can be defined by the following; General Lighting, Task Lighting, and Accent Lighting.


Functional Lounge Lighting Ideas

In an ideal living space, you would combine all three lighting categories, which in essence allow the most flexibility for how you could use your living room. 

You really can ‘set the stage’ with lighting. The choice today is limited only by your imagination. And the good news is; you don’t have to spend a fortune to create a richly elegant ambience for your living room. Read on for a breakdown of some of the more popular lighting options currently in style.



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1. An Eclectic Mix of Living Room Lighting

As mentioned above, ideally your living and entertainment room combines a variety of lighting functions. But, as with all styling, it is how you combine these lighting solutions that is paramount. Try to tie your choices together with a theme or style. For instance, lighting that has a common thread of gold details. By the use of connecting your lighting by a style element, you create more harmony within that space.



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2. Twice as Nice - Paired Lighting Ideas for the Loungeroom

Pairs of anything in the home add a wonderful sense of symmetry to your space. And if you follow the ancient art of Feng Shui, you will know that romance and togetherness in the home is depicted by the choice of pairs, where and when you can.



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3. Wonderful Wall Sconces for Lighting Living Rooms

Lovely, old-fashioned sconces are increasingly given a sleek and contemporary makeover. With a wide and growing range of wall lighting available, the choices can be as modern and sleek, or as soft, romantic and retro as candlelight.



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4. Colourful Lighting Ideas for Entertainment Rooms

Lighting can add another dimension of colour into a space. This colour can be achieved by the type of globes you use, such as warm or cool white, or the colour of the globe you choose, or even the light fitting itself could be boldly coloured.


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5. Regal Lighting 

Everything grand is fashionable now, and gloriously traditional chandeliers are totally on-trend for lighting choices. This new-found popularity of an old idea is totally understandable, as nothing adds instant glamour to a living room than a gorgeously decadent, crystal chandelier, or a stylish, contemporary take on a chandelier.


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