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Chic And Inspiring Ways You Can Add Texture Into Your Home

What makes a house a home? What ties in all those bits and bobs, collected and carefully curated? What creates that "complete" feel we constantly strive for in our interiors? The answer is simple, TEXTURE. I'm talking about the kind of texture that is bursting with subtle pattern and movement, that looks like it would be interesting to touch, tactile texture, cosy like that found in wood, stone and textiles. These are the elements that make a room feel cosy and finished, they provide the eye with something interesting to look at, yet, are also incredibly warming, softening and soothing. Incorporating the right balance of texture into your home is a most personal choice, some people prefer to take a more minimal stance and let textural building elements do the talking whilst others might fill their interiors with texture in every different shape and form until they are busting at the seams. It's all about finding the balance and the methods of incorporation that you like and that fit with your homes' aesthetic. We’ve put together some chic and incredibly inspiring ways how you could add some texture to your home, be it a little or a lot!



Velvet, with all its richness and luxuriousness, is a wonderful tactile texture to add into the home with the bonus of it being right on trend at the moment! Velvet is fabulously easy to incorporate, however it should be kept as the dominant textural element in any room you add it too. Velvet Bedhead's are a great way to make a bold, strong statement in the bedroom with the plush, cushy fabric providing delicate details and textural interest with a hint of flamboyance. If subtlety is more your thing, use lush velvet cushions to provide a dramatic textural contrast on your lounge, you can even add others textures such as knitted or woven cushions into this mix for a slightly modern boho look. A velvet upholstered ottoman, lounge or armchair makes for a grand textural statement when paired back with a minimal interior, this really is a case of letting the texture do the talking, and what beautiful talking it would be!!



The simplest way to transform a room with texture, especially if you have tiled or wooden flooring, is to add a statement rug. Using a textured rug allows you to easily add warmth, grounding and cohesion into your interiors. The options are endless when it comes to floor rugs, natural jute and sisal options look fabulous when paired back with white walls and bleached woods, boucherouite and kilim rugs add in an instant eclectic boho vibe whilst velvety Persians inject opulent texture and add a more moody note to your spaces. When choosing the rug that is right for you keep cohesion with your pre existing interiors front of mind and its always a great idea to bring a few home to sample! For an inspired idea, you could even use a fabulous textured rug as a wall hanging to create a statement piece with plenty of textural interest.



Plants totally count as a texture in all their different shapes, sizes, patterns and colours. When adding texture to the home, plants are always a great place to start as they reference directly back to the original textures of nature, plus they purify your air and have been shown to improve your mood- a win all round! Whether you add in larger scale palms or collections of succulents, the choice is entirely yours and the options endless. There isn't a room in the house that won't benefit from some textural greenery and the more is the merrier. Think bold pots, hanging planters or plant stands…or perhaps you could simply adorn a window sill with textured, spiky cacti for just that hint of textural intrigue.



Textured wallpaper offers a modern and innovative way to create a foundation layer of texture in any interior. Think about using chic seagrass wallpaper in tones of inky navy, charcoal black or reed green if you're wanting to add textural elements into a more modern interior. There are some fabulous textured concrete or brick wallpapers on the market for that more industrial textured look or, if you're after a more scandi inspired aesthetic, then the exposed timber finishes of a wooden printed wallpaper are a perfect textural choice for you! Textured wallpaper offers all the foundations for you to add other textural elements into the mix to create a modern yet warm and inviting home.You can utilise textured wallpaper in a number of ways, whether just for accents or for entire feature walls. It’s completely up to you!



It's important when choosing furniture for your interiors that you establish the mood, softer, finer fabrics for a more feminine aesthetic or more used, rustic materials for a more masculine feel. If your home is of a more modern aesthetic, then adding texture with leather, wooden or natural woven furniture is integral to creating warmth and softness. If you have a love affair with white or scandi, add texture with your furniture pieces such as white linen upholstery or painted white cane to achieve that white textural nirvana we all just after! Industrial inspired spaces benefit from texture added in through rustic wooden furniture, worn leather and powder coated steel. It is worth taking the time to be considered in your approach to furnishing your home and how the texture of the furniture pieces you select will contribute to the overall all textural effect of your interiors.




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