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Hands up who watched a Netflix marathon this week?
The truth is we shouldn't feel guilty, whether it's rainy or we're simply having a bit of me-time, watching TV while cocooned on the lounge is exactly what we need sometimes.
The reality is that the TV for many of us is the focal point of our living room, and if statistics are correct, we apparently spend an average of four hours a day watching it. It is our go-to place for pure entertainment and relaxation, so it seems fitting that we should extend our design aesthetics to the entertainment units that house our televisions.
Entertainment units can become so much more than just a home for the TV, they can be space defining, stylish, functional and can even offer a most fabulous storage solution if chosen wisely. Before you embark upon your search for the perfect entertainment unit why not take a minute and read the tips below to help guide you on your way.


white styled entertainment TV centre
built in TV entertainment unit
small TV unit with wall paintings
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It’s a good idea to get back to the basics before you head out in search for an entertainment unit. Measuring the room and configuring the layout on a piece of paper is a fabulous place to start. Consider the current layout of your room, are you happy with it? What scale of unit will work well within this configuration? Do you have limited space/height/depth to play with? Ideally, you want the size of your entertainment unit to be in sync with the rest of your room as it is a defining feature of the living room space, which is why considered planning is key! If you have a larger room there is a real trend at the moment towards overall storage systems that attach to the wall behind the TV. These are often custom built but there are also many on the market currently. The upside of this style of unit is it gives you maximum added storage and plenty of opportunities to style up a storm with all the shelving space on offer. This is also a fabulous option if you have small children running about as you can keep the TV safe up high and the unit itself is often sturdier and heavier and can in some cases be anchored to the wall for extra security. If your living room is of a smaller scale or you have a studio style space then a streamlined, low profile type entertainment unit is definitely the way to go. Maybe an inbuilt sleek modern shelf is all you need or perhaps a more modular unit consisting of several shelves is more your style, entertainment units with drawers or closed in shelves are a great asset in this scenario for their added storage benefits.


large inbuilt wooden entertainment unit
modern styled tv unit
tv unit
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Before you head out shopping there are a few design and style questions you should be asking yourself. An entertaining unit is a serious purchase and one that can often be around for quite a while in your home, it should never be an impulse buy! Whether you're upgrading or purchasing your first unit it is vital to consider the pre-existing aesthetics of your home and living room space, a sleek modern unit would look a little out of place amongst retro mid-century vibe furnishings after all. Natural light is another area of consideration, if you tend to have a darker room then you should consider lighter oaks and white tones as they offer a contrast. On the other hand if light isn't an issue in your room then darker entertainment units in smoky ash and walnut tones or matt black finishes can really work to anchor the room. In terms of style you need to decide if it is a free-standing unit you are after or a unit that is attached to the wall and hovers above the floor, did you want multiple display and storage compartments or a more understated cubic style unit. These are important questions that need to be asked so as that you head off in the right direction armed with the knowledge of what is best suited for you and your space otherwise it can get a little overwhelming in the land of the entertainment unit and you will find yourself unsure of what is best suited to you and your home's needs and aesthetics.


stylish tv unit
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Do you need a unit that offers you more than just a space to display your TV? Do you need additional storage for all your electronic gadgets and DVD collections? Would you like a unit that offers you the chance to display some colour and personality with books, art, found or treasured objects and a plant or three? Ensure that when you are choosing your TV cabinet you consider what function the unit will have or will need to have for you and your space. If your living room already has a bookshelf styled up with all your books and collectables then extra shelf space isn't really something you need but if you, on the other hand, have a fairly minimal room and would like the chances to green things up with some plants or displays of ceramics then maybe a shelving style unit or an open wall unit is the most functional choice for you! Also if you still have a VCR floating around now could be the time to toss it…upgrade to blue ray and hide it and all the associated cords away behind a set of doors or a screen, lower profile cabinets style units are great for this function.


  beautifully styled scandi tv unit living room
colourful boho style tv unit
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Televisions are nearly always the focus of the room so ensure you choose wisely in selecting the ultimate entertainment unit to house yours or even to take some of the focus away from it! No matter what type of entertainment unit you decide always ensure you soften and distract from the television's big black screen, be it a small delicate cluster of ceramic vessels, a vase of freshly cut blooms or a vibrant indoor plant just make sure there is something beautiful you can gaze at… even if it is just during the ad breaks!






Jiang TV Unit White Small

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Jiang TV Unit White

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Boston Entertainment Unit White

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RRP $1900

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