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How To: Scatter Cushions Without The Clutter

How to style cushions to enhance your decor.

Cushions can be the quickest, easiest and most cost effective way of injecting pops of colour, softness and warmth into your home. On beds, couches, outdoor day beds, and even on the floor, cushions are versatile to decorate with. Though there is an art to scattering your cushions without cluttering your space with unnecessary elements.

There are four main considerations to make when buying cushions for your home:

1. Placement: Where are you putting them?
2. Colour: Will it match your décor scheme?
3. Shape/Size: Mix it up?
4. Texture/Pattern/Material: Need some contrast?


Scatter cushions in the bedroom are an obvious choice, and rightly so! Think BIG square cushions behind your pillows to plump up your bedding and up the comfort factor. Not only does it make your bed look as lush as a hotel, but it’s functional for reading books on rainy days, watching TV or if you’re lucky, brekkie in bed! Smaller cushions placed in front of the pillows provide that classic step down effect; though don’t go overboard – otherwise they’ll end up on the floor! Consider square or diamond placement, and a patterned or textured small cushion clusters that match the hues of your quilt.


Cushions are an effective way of bringing cohesion to your interior colour scheme. They should relate to colours already in the room. For your couch, one or two solid coloured cushions should be interspersed with one or two patterned (striped or zigzagged) introducing another colour and even a lumber cushion to sit in the centre for symmetry. Make sure you consider a colour(s) that contrasts with the sofa so they don’t blend in, but match another element of the décor, rug, wall art or curtains.

Remember, cushions need not be a standard cotton square. Mix and match with triangles, round cushions, rectangle lumber cushions, velvets, lace, silks, satins, tassels, shaggy wools and even leather! The options are endless. Though you will need to pick 3 or 4 maximum and stick with those. Too many colours, textures and patterns can make your space too busy, when what you really want to invite is comfort.

Floor cushions are made of more hardy materials and are generally bigger than average. Calico, rattan, bamboo and other weather proof and UV proof cushions are the perfect additions to your outdoor daybed, low table, lounge room corner or even beside the pool. Careful not to over do this. Only buy what you need, otherwise they will clutter your outdoor spaces rather than enhance them.


Whatever you need, to bring cohesion, warmth, comfort, colour or all of the above, check out our cushion and quilt collection for a range of sizes, textures, colours and patterns that are sure to bring that welcomed change to your interiors.

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