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The world of artificial florals has come a long, long way from those dusty rose arrangements everyone's Granny like to keep on their coffee table! The artificial flowers of the modern millennia are not only long-lasting and sustainable but are also such convincing and breathtaking works of art that often they need to be touched to determine if they are real or not! We are here to guide you through this new frontier of fabulous fake flowers and answer some of the most common questions people have regarding them. Fake florals really are the way of the future for those of us not blessed with a green thumb or whose lifestyle doesn’t facilitate weekly trips to the florist for a bloom refresh.



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It seems, in this modern world where jaw-dropping displays of florals are aplenty, many of us are readily fooled into thinking that they are all real… whilst some of them are, many are in fact made of artificial or fake flowers! Artificial flowers are just that, they are man-made imitations of natural flowering plants. Whilst faux flowers used to be used relegated to the realms of doctors lobbies, hotel foyers and grandmas houses, they have once again begun to soar in popularity in this ever so busy day and age where we all desire picture perfect, well-styled homes without the fuss, hard work or maintenance required of real florals or plants! Artificial flowers are usually constructed of plastics, paper, wire and textiles to realistically imitate natures most gorgeous versions and are available in every size, colour and variety that you could ever wish for. They require no water, fertiliser or soil making them an easy addition into any home or workplace interior!



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It seems that many are curious as to what fake flower petals are actually made of - and the answer to this is many different types of textile material. What artificial flower petals are made of is determined by the quality and price of the flowers. Many fake petals are made from rayon and polyester due to the textiles pricing, ability to accept dye and glue and also its durability, making it a long lasting and hard wearing option for producing fake flowers. Silk is often used to construct more opulent, upscale petals that are realistic and delicate in nature. Often the silk is hand painted, flocked or dyed to create flower petals that are phenomenal exact replicas of the real deal. Silk, rayon and cotton are very common in the modern market and are the material de jour for fake flower construction. Other materials that can be used include paper, cotton, parchment, latex, plastic, velvet flocking, rubber and sateen.



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There has been a real move towards faux flower use in the modern home interior. They offer a practical, no fuss, instant impact and long-lasting decor solution and are ideal for use within any interior aesthetic. For the year ahead we are seeing many exquisite artificial flower trends, where the arrangements unabashedly and convincingly take centre stage in the home. Trends include a penchant for Australian native arrangements that may contain faux banksias, eucalyptus sprigs, wattle, gum nuts, kangaroo paw and proteas. Australian natives look fabulous when paired back into a modern rustic, scandi, mid-century or surf shack style interior landscape.
The interior and florist worlds have long had a love affair with the magnolia flower and with its sculptural form and striking colour contrast of creamy white, deep green and dusty brown it is not hard to see why. Artificial Magnolia blooms are super on trend right now and look perfect styled in a big round vessel in any room of the home. Magnolias work well in a modern interior aesthetic but also look amazing in a Hamptons style, shabby chic or french provincial interiors also. Artificial Orchids have been a staple for use in interiors for many years and this year is no exception. Orchid blooms are a dreamy way of adding a pop of colour and texture into a minimalist interior or touch of the orient into the home. Whether it's a solo sleek stem of oversized orchids in a textural ceramic pot or a billowing colourful orchid in a glass vase, orchids are perfect for adding all those super chic stylish vibes.



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Oh yes, you most defiantly should use artificial blooms in your bedroom! Fake flowers are the most ideal way of adding texture, colour and style into your bedroom decor without the hassle of pollen, dead leaves and allergens that come with the use of real flowers. Your bedroom should be the haven of your home so what better way to make it so than with a bunch of beautiful statement blooms that will remain forever fresh, chic and at the ready to provide instant style cred into your room. When selecting artificial flowers for your bedroom always keep in mind the preexisting style of your furnishings and decor and any colour scheme you already have so as that you create and keep visual cohesiveness. Whether you add a glorious bunch of Australian natives to your bedside table or place some perfect and pretty hydrangeas atop a chest of drawers, they are sure to make you and your bedroom feel indulgent, magnificent and tranquil with every glance.






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