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Faking it

Styling Artificial Plants

( Image from Pinterest)



Ever lusted over pictures of beautifully styled rooms bursting with luscious green plants, only to find yourself weeping over your own drooping prized fiddle leaf figs  and wilting dahlias? Maybe it's time you considered faking it. While artificial plants haven't always been blessed with a chic or trendy rap, in 2017 faking it is the way forward and those in the know are all doing it. Here are our tips to ensuring your fake foliage will look as good as the real deal.


Artificial trees and contemporary fake plants are an easy way to add earthy texture and greenery to your home, especially when you can't accommodate the real deal. Artificial plants are also a practical and affordable way to up style your home, they can be used to fill awkward spaces, add height to your scheme and to help create a tranquil setting. Look beyond the basic potted palm, when shopping for a faux plant, don't be afraid to go bold-think sculptural shapes like a big fiddle leaf fig for that lonely corner, an esoteric arrangement of branches and in season florals for your mantle or perhaps a tabletop succulent terrarium minus the fuss of creating the real thing!
Styled artificial plants bedroom
styled houseplants


It's important to create some element of truth around your artificial plants and the best way to do this is with a vase, pot, hanging basket or planter. Your aim is to make the plant look as realistic as possible. Put that faux giant potted ficus in a big heavy cement planter pot that is decorated with gold geometrics and for a finishing touch perhaps scatter the top with a little soil. If you're adding fake blooms to your room be realistic about the vessel you choose and the scene you set…don't just throw them in a no water empty glass vase it's not very convincing! Instead opt for an opaque vase such as a vintage metal, earthen ceramic or coloured organic shaped resin so that your secret's safe! Fill fake succulent and cacti pots with loose stones or rocks and terrariums with a little soil and faux moss for that vital realistic touch. Remember that setting the scene is the only hard work and effort these plants will require.
houseplants bathroom


Fake is big right now! The market is saturated with fake options, so do your homework to ensure you get the convincing look you're after. It's a great idea to save photos on your phone of the real deal version of that plant and compare it with the fake one to make sure they pass scrutiny. It's also important to check the stems of your fake plants as often they can be a little more plastic in appearance. Artificial succulents and cacti are great because they naturally have a slight plastic aesthetic to them already. There are a great variety of incredibly realistic palms, ferns and trees made from many different materials; it really pays to buy the best quality as the cheaper ones made of poorer materials more often than not have a very false appearance. It's best to compare as many as you can as you really do get what you pay for.
Fiddle Leaf Fig
decorative flowers


Nothing is going to give your secret away more than dust, plus a dusty plant real or fake is never a good look! Luckily for you fake plants are super easy to keep well maintained. A quick once over with a damp cloth or a light spray with a hose once a month is all thats needed. Ensure you tilt the plant away from the base when spraying with water to avoid the anchoring material rotting. Also drip dry the plant in the shade if it is a material version to avoid water spotting on the foliage.
feature plant

(Image from Pinterest)


Artificial plants are an amazing, low maintenance way to add colour, shape and life to your home and for that alone we love them! But they are also surprisingly versatile and like artwork, furniture and other decor they can be used as a powerful tool in your design arsenal. Don't be afraid to fake it, go ahead and give it a try we promise you'll be a convert in no time.

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