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Floor Rugs - Everything You Need To Know About The 5 Most Common Styles

From making a statement to defining a zone, a rug is the ultimate style tool. Rugs anchor a room and infuse it with personality, style and warmth. Sounds easy right? Rugs are actually tricky business, the right one can finish a space to perfection, while the wrong one can make a room feel awkward and unfinished. Considering they can be one of the more expensive pieces you buy for your home, it’s a choice that needs to be made well. We’re here to give you the low down on the five most common rug styles to hopefully make choosing one an easier task!



Originating in such countries as Iran, Turkey and Afghanistan, kilims are tribal, flat-weave, textured, highly patterned and rustic. They are a popular choice, particularly with our ongoing love affair of all things boho and if yours is a relaxed interior with loads of textured fabrics, indoor greenery and simple organic patterns then this could just be the rug type for you! While there are still a large number of original vintage kilims floating around, more and more of them are being mass produced and synthetically dyed to achieve long lasting bolder and brighter colours which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Traditional Kilims are often made from naturally dyed wools and thus fit perfectly into a muted and subdued colour palette perfectly. This style of rugs transcends a myriad of interior styles from scandi, boho and rustic right through to modern minimal they are incredibly versatile. Kilim rugs tend to work well with neutral schemes and warm toned upholstery and furnishings. These rugs are magic woven stories and are a fabulous way to add a personalised touch to your home.
kilim rug
kilim rug under dining table
boho styled kilim rug



Hand knotted with a flat pile, Persian rugs are soft underfoot and comfortable, as well as highly decorative. Often more luxurious in style, more refined, opulent and less textured than other rug varieties. A beautifully crafted Oriental rug never goes out of style and can be surprisingly versatile in all kinds of homes. With thousands of options in terms of colour, fabric, scale, and style, there’s an Oriental rug out there for every space, whether you’re looking to accent an opulent master bedroom or a sleek modern living room. When it comes to designing with Oriental rugs, follow these tips: Go monochromatic or neutral with the room’s remaining decor; match furniture to the colours of the rug; and don’t be afraid of mixing patterns. Oriental rugs work beautifully with indulgent fabrics such as velvet, silk and fine linen but can also look astounding when used to soften a hard polished concrete floor.
persian rug in entranceway
persian rug in bathroom



A multitude of designer rugs are available for your decorating pleasure. A designer rug is a statement piece, often boldly patterned and coloured-an artwork for your floor. There are some fabulous designer rug collaborations with predominant fashion and interior designers that are nothing short of lustworthy! A richly patterned rug can become the focus of your room and tends to work best with an interior scheme that is based around block colours, where furnishings wont compete with the rug. To ensure continuity and flow in your space if you choose a modern style rug, select one that contains one or two colours already existing in your interior colour scheme.
modern black and white rug in styled living room
patterned modern rug in child's bedroom
modern rug in study



Simple, textured and natural, these floor rugs provide a subtle hint of interest to the floor without overwhelming the interior scheme. Being neutral in nature and colour they play more of a supporting role in a room and offer a fabulous way to inject texture and define a room's shape. Perfectly paired with white walls, bare timber boards, tiles and even concrete floors they provide a laid back relaxed style to a space and work well in any room of the home from the nursery right through to the dining room. We are currently seeing a huge trend movement towards round sisal rugs which are often great to use in smaller spaces. From scandi city pad to country house and beach shack these well priced, versatile and no fuss rugs are sure to look fabulous!
round seagrass rug in bedroom
natural rug in living room
seagrass rug in entryway styled with wicker wall hangings



Lately boucherouite rugs have been a bit of a designer favourite. Traditionally, these rugs were created with bits of leftover textiles in places where raw materials were rare — a beautiful and resourceful way to recycle. Today, Berber women continue the tradition, crafting rugs in an eye-popping array of colours and wild patterns. Western mass-produced versions of these rugs are becoming available, but if you purchase an actual Moroccan rug you'll have something that's truly one of a kind. And you don't have to go all the way to the souk to do it. Like kilims these are incredibly versatile and transcend across most interior styles. These rugs are so astoundingly beautiful they will make your interiors sing with instant style cred and feature pieces in their own right.
tribal style rug
bright berber rugs in living room
bright moroccan berber rug in styled living room

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