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A Word On Dining Room Chandeliers

Nothing steals the show more than a statement chandelier light positioned perfectly above the dining table of your home. Fulfilling both a form and function purpose, an on-trend statement light is ideal for providing that wow factor and setting the aesthetic tone of your dining space.  

Selecting the right chandelier for your interior can be more than a little tricky, fortunately, we have a few tips and tricks to share that are sure to help you on your journey to chandelier perfection!  



One of the most striking lighting trends is clustering, which works amazingly well over a dining table. Choose an odd number of chandeliers (three is a good place to start). Cluster them close together at different heights to create drama, or hang them evenly spaced at the same height for a more classic look.


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Consider having dimmers installed so you can enjoy both bright and ambient light from your chandeliers – perfect for dining tables where you might prefer brighter light for mealtimes and relaxing ambient light for after-dinner drinks. Dimmers are also fabulous for adjusting the direct brightness of led lights.  



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The focal point of a dining room is unquestionably the dining table. It is the feature around which the rest of the room should be designed. The right choice of lighting above the dining table must not only match the style of the table but also be geared for its purpose. You want your chandelier to make a decorative statement, provide enough light for the table, and avoid unwanted glare.



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Much of the functionality of a dining room light can be controlled if you take careful consideration of things such as height placement and chandelier material before you make any big decisions or begin the installation process. It is key to know the following when purchasing any chandelier, that traditional transparent glass styles provide an all-around glow versus opaque metal that offers a more site-specific, downward focused light. Wicker provides a more evenly distributed, yet muted and diffused lighting option whilst ceramic styles create direct focused light only. 


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When you begin your chandelier journey start by looking for lighting that best suits the aesthetic of your space and any dominant preexisting furnishings. After that, the exact style of the chandelier you choose is a simple matter of personal taste!! 


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