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How To Create a Heavenly Hamptons Style Living Room

Hamptons style interior design continues to capture the attention of home owners and interior enthusiasts around the world, no matter how far from the iconic Hamptons beach they may actually be. What is it about this classic and elegant trend that has us emulating, admiring and swooning? The Hamptons style manages to evoke a sense of enduring beauty and luxury with comfort, simplicity and most importantly, livability. It is these qualities that have many of us falling head over heels in love for this ever so chic interior style and what better way to convince you than with four of the most heavenly Hamptons style living rooms around.


1. Mix Of Rich Blues

In this elegant yet incredibly functional Hamptons inspired living room, bold, patterned shades of blue are paired with crisp white walls and furnishings to absolute perfection. Visually striking accents of black decor have been added to anchor the room allowing the true beauty and airiness of this interior to shine. The botanical prints are the stand out feature and an ideal focal point in what is a cohesive and modern Hamptons style living space. 


Image via Pinterest
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 2. Light & Fresh Textures

This room offers a fresh and modern take on the classic Hamptons style. Every inch of this interior exudes the elegance and timelessness that is integral to the Hamptons style. From the rich navy seagrass wallpaper with its delicate texture to the linen sofa and the continuing use of blue accents in decor features such as the seafoam style rug and navy cushions, this room is the epitome of Hamptons style for the modern day!


Image via Pinterest
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3. Classic Editions

When nothing but the best will do, opt for a traditional classic take on quintessential Hamptons design. This phenomenal living room uses neutrals, chic navy blues and crisp whites as the predominant colour tones and pairs them back with plush and elegant furnishings to pay homage to the very best of Hamptons interior style. The clever use of layered rugs adds both texture and colour into this lofty, large-scale living room.




Image via Pinterest
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4. Elegant Furnishings

Whilst many interior trends come and go with the tides it is easy to see why the Hamptons style has earned a long-running place in our hearts. This sublimely chic living room with its perfectly vignetted bookshelf, oversized linen occasional chair and modern ottoman are not only stylistically on point but functional and ever so comfortable! All the elegance and simplicity that goes hand in hand with this long-loved and much adored interior style.



Image via Pinterest
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