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10 Must Have Indoor Plants

Plants are the simplest, most effective and often one of the cheapest ways to bring a new look and some vibrance into to your home. But there's more to our greenery addiction than just aesthetics! Plants have been scientifically proven to enhance the human sense of connection and creativity, not to mention their air detoxification superpowers. It really is no wonder that we're all flocking to nurseries and filling every corner of our homes with luscious foliage. Plants are popping up in home interiors everywhere and no room is spared from their adornment, from kitchens through to bathrooms and nurseries our love of all things green is showing no signs of abating. We've rounded up some of this seasons hottest plants to add to your ever-growing collection.


With sculptural, spiked leaves this plant is hardy with a capital H. Low light, too much light, forgot-to-water, it will survive don't you worry! This plant looks fantastic in a rattan basket or big bold graphic planter due to its height and organic shape. Place it within a cluster of plants or on its own as a statement piece, this gorgeous plant is sure to attract attention.


This plant is the plant of choice if you're after those retro vibes. With its huge, luscious waxy green leaves the monstera can grow up to about 20 metres tall in the wild but will grow a lot less in a pot in your lounge room. This plant is also relatively tricky to kill and is a fan of shade, warmth and moisture. It's best to water weekly (just pop it under the shower) and keep its leaves dust free for maximum sun absorption. Best kept to a corner of the living room where it can spread majestically perhaps behind rattan peacock chair….!


This iconically shaped cactus is a must have for its on-trend boho, desert, tribal chic aesthetic! Technically it's a succulent, not a cactus, but really when a plant is this good looking who cares about the facts! These plants love low light and little water and will grow to about 1.5metres tall so best leave room for its expansion! They look fantastic in plant stands styled into a modern boho interior.



This one is a deeply lush green trailer and another fantastic choice for a low lit space.  Have it on a bookshelf cascading down, over and around, or hang it up high in a hanging basket and let it trail its sweet leaves through your home. In the way of care, keep it out of direct sunlight and let its soil dry out completely before watering. To keep it full and encourage growth, prune back any of the longer more straggly vines and remove dead or discoloured leaves.



This gem of a plant is one of the top rated plants for removing air pollutants. Its near neon drooping fronds are just made for hanging baskets or try suspending some from hooks in your bathroom for that tropical Jungalow look! Keep its soil moist through summer, and only water when it's dry to touch in the cooler months. These ferns thrive in humid conditions which is why placing them in bathrooms is a perfect idea. Keep them out of direct sunlight and drafts as they have a sensitive yet very vibrant soul.


This tropical lover adores the humidity and will easily adapt itself to most light conditions within the home. With beautiful leaves whose veins remind you of a watermelon shell (hence the name) this slow growing indoor plant is perfect for a bedside or lounge side table. The trick with this plant is to only water it when its soil becomes 100% dry to touch.



This gorgeous indoor plant is commonly known as Curly Sue due to its curved snd curling tendrils. The Epiphyllum Guatemalense has delicate purple flowers which sit in their buds for weeks and then bloom suddenly and for one night only! They suit soft dappled light and are very temperamental if overwatered, so stick to a once a week schedule.



This is another plant that offers a lot in terms of air purification and neutralisation with gases such as formaldehyde and carbon monoxide being able to be broken down inside this plants pores. The peace lily requires very little maintenance other than a once weekly watering and to be kept out of direct sunshine. These plants are fantastic on a table or bench top with their glossy dark foliage on show in an earthy planter.



This plant is a striking glossy foliage style plant with gem shaped leaves (as its name suggests) that is almost indestructible! It loves a well lit spot but can survive long periods without water as it grows directly from a rhizome, it really only needs a water when its soil is 100% dry to touch. These plants make great additions to bedrooms and living rooms where you don't often remember to water. They look gorgeous in faux paper sacks or baskets and are a vibrant addition to every room although not a bathroom as they are not great fans of humidity.



This stunning plant is one of our all time favourites! It's amazing green leaves come patterned with the most inspiring colour variations of cream, burgundy, red and lighter jewel tone greens, they are not only an enormous pleasure to grow but they are fairly easy to cater for also! Best suited to a generous pot in a well (but not direct) sunlit spot, and only watered when they are dry to the touch. Rubber plants are fantastic in open plan rooms where there is space for them to thrive, grow and be admired.



Images from Pinterest

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