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How To Add An Industrial Edge To Your Home Office Space

Defined by its use of raw materials, exposed finishes and a predominately neutral colour scheme, Industrial style is slowly creeping its way through the homes of today room by room. With its clean lines and simple, functional aesthetic, industrial design lends itself oh so perfectly to the home office space. A chic industrial style is easy to achieve in any office, it can be as simple as adding in metal accents and factory style furnishings to something as dramatic as exposing a feature brick wall! We have some of our top tips to share with you on how to add that industrial edge to your home office space.



Exposed brick and expanses of bare concrete are the first things that come to mind when industrial style is mentioned, am I right? Yes, these textural elements play a heavy duty role in characterising this aesthetic, however glossy modern surfaces and warm wooden accents can also be used to create a softer and well balanced industrial style home office. If you are using concrete floors and exposed brick or gleaming metallic surfaces, make sure that you add in natural textures such as a leather lounge or a tactile rug to soften this look and keep it on the chic side of stark. Painting your exposed brick is another fabulous option to add warmth as is using recycled hardwood or high gloss finished floorboards in deeper tones for your office flooring. If you don't have the option of exposed brick or feature concrete the market is saturated with some amazingly convincing wallpapers that will help you achieve this key industrial edge.



Another key aspect of an ideal industrial style home office is lighting. From industrial style pendant lighting, heavy vintage style desk lamps, exposed oversized bulbs to free standing feature lamps, the options are endless and present a simple yet highly effective way to add an industrial aesthetic to the office space. Lighting is also a great chance to add a splash of colour to this neutral colour scheme, think neon yellow lamps or copper toned pendants. When choosing to light your industrial office space it is key to keep function front of mind and ensure you have a clear idea of the amount of light you will require where and what type of lighting you will need to achieve this. Think oversized industrial enamel pendant lights, beams entangled with exposed light fittings and oversized bulbs and wire caged feature lighting when using lighting to add in that industrial age to your home office.



Industrial furniture is an especially important part of this design aesthetic with metal accents and honest, factory style furnishings that show signs of wear and tear defining this look. Industrial style office furnishings lend themselves to an authentic factory aesthetic whilst maintaining all the form and function required of modern day office furniture. Storage units, chairs and desks are the predominant furniture items in any home office so it is best to use these as your core heavier industrial style pieces, and then soften the look with additional items such as ottomans, chairs and lounges. Furnishings on casters are also fabulous, as they let you move your office space around at your whim but also offer a direct link back to the foundations of industrial character. Larger industrial style wooden desks look fabulous when paired back with a mid century modern or modern desk chair and topped with metal accented lighting. Adding in texture with your decor is also important to achieve a chic and warmer version of the industrial look, think leather, marble, raw linen, cotton and burnished metal.



Accessories offer an opportunity to add character and a little personal style to an industrial style home office. When choosing artworks, urban photography can look amazing and sit alongside the industrial aesthetic to perfection. If paintings are more your thing, look to larger scale dominant pieces that sit well with pre-existing tones in your office space, abstract art in bold hues is a great option. For on desk storage think metallic or leather and keep clutter to a minimum. plants are a wonderful addition to the industrial aesthetic as they add both life and texture into the more controlled style. Use a powder coated plant stand to continue the industrial vibes or cement planter pots are also an impeccable choice. Accessories also allow you to add in warmth and textiles so include an in tone cushion or throw rug into the mix wherever possible and this will ensure your space is both industrial, functional and a pleasure to be in.



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