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All chandeliers are beautiful and over time beauty has evolved, as have designs, which makes choosing these glamourous centrepieces a pleasure and a task that calls for flair and skill — chandeliers are decorative first and while they light your home, ultimately, they guide the style of each room. Don’t be afraid to fall for the grandest or most eccentric or surprising pieces that make your breath quicker and your heart flutter. And don’t be afraid to seek a little expert advice to direct your eye.


1. Contemporary or Traditional — There are No Rules, Just Style?

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From intricate, florid, ornate works of art to a spectrum of looks that are as diverse as the seasons — your chandelier brings history with it. It can be the centrepiece of a room and your home, so let your heart choose. A gorgeous traditional piece, tiered and grand and swathed in glass ornaments can be the one “old” piece in your minimalist home. Or a metallic, geometric piece chandelier can bring authority and balance out a roomful of antiques.


2. Or Vintage — an Always Choice when Decisions are Difficult

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Vintage can refer to most past eras: in chandeliers, think rustic, gold or brass, French style or straight from a Royal auction with a touch of bohemian, lots of feminine and unabashedly hip. They’ll draw every visitor’s eye and you can hang them over a chaise longue in any room and meditate whenever your days suggest inspired quiet time.


3. Or Retro — for Personality

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Add geometry and fun, colour and funk to the average chandelier — retro brings the best of the eras known for change as well as refinery.


4. How Large or Small is Your Room?

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Matchy matchy isn’t essential — a grand chandelier can perfectly light up a space as petite as a walk-in wardrobe, or it can be the centrepiece to a dining room that seamlessly becomes a sheltered outdoor resting space. Yet size matters and it’s important to consider the whole picture — if the chandelier dominates, hold back on accessories or too much furniture. Because all chandeliers command a room, let them hang and shine in perfect balance.


5. Glass, Crystal, Brass or Steel — Choose Your Precious Material

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While the chandelier world is as diverse as the ocean, this is one of a few rules that simplify your task: any quality chandelier will have a backbone and a face sculpted and crafted from one of these four precious materials. And that means this is a lighting choice for a lifetime. Brass and steel are versatile, contemporary and storied: modern chandeliers are being crafted from these classic materials in curvaceous or linear designs that can bring both industrial tones and eternal warmth. Glass and crystal are elegant throwbacks that bring instant glamour and can be minimalist and delicate in an otherwise colourful or busy space, or ornate and forever grand in modern rooms, yet where drama is always welcome.




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