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Let's face it we all spend far more time than we would like to admit on our sofas and thanks to Netflix I can't see this changing anytime soon! You can tell a lot about a person by the sofa they own. Structured two-seater couches point to happy newly wed couples, low-slung flimsy lounges indicate student accommodation and modular lounges practically scream family living. Whichever lounge you choose, it’s worth taking the time to look at the options because we all know it's going to be a well used and much-loved addition to your home. When it comes to choosing the right sofa for your space, there are some basics to consider that will ensure you get it right the first time around.




When it comes to sofas, you really do get what you pay for. One sofa may cost a little more, but consider how often you will use it and the cost of replacing it! Investing a little more for a good quality lounge, which will last longer than a poorly made cheaper version, does make sense in the long run! Things to look for in a good quality sofa are: Sofa frames can be made from a wide variety of materials, so always ask to see how the internal frame is structured and whether quality materials have been used. Steel frames are the strongest and more durable choice if you are looking for durability and long term use. Fabric quality is also important as good quality materials will last much longer and are easier to maintain they also won't stretch or sag over time like cheaper fabrics tend too. Always ask the retailer about the materials they use and if fabrics are tested for durability. If selecting a leather lounge it is wise to ask if they use durable, full hide leathers as opposed to thinner “split” leathers. This will ensure you get longevity and quality from the leather used on your lounge. When it comes to the inner workings of a lounge, high- resilience cushioning and memory foam are beneficial, as cushion often hides inferior foams and fillings that will deteriorate over time. Also look for lounges that have pocket spring structures as they provide long lasting structural support to the lounges cushioning and will prevent sagging.




There are many styles of lounges available from more traditional leather chesterfields through to ultra modern, low slung modular configurations. Does your room have scandi vibes or is it more industrial in look? The design and style of your sofa can set the mood and aesthetic tone of your interior so careful consideration is need when selecting the right sofa style for your home. Select a lounge that matches or compliments long term existing and predominant furniture or decor pieces in your home as this will create effortless cohesiveness as well as flow and continuity throughout your home. You want to ensure that your new sofa doesn't just fit into your living room, but that it also fits in with your living room! When it comes to choosing the right style these tips are key: Get comfortable! remember, you will spend many hours sitting on this sofa, so the most important point is that it's comfortable! Go modular if you're renting or have a family - it will offer you flexibility in terms of the sofas layout. Modular lounges are Ideal for families, as they offer just that bit more room and can easily be adapted to different spaces or even down sized when needed. Sofas that sit off the ground are less bulky in nature with skinny legs and narrower arms, this helps to create the illusion of a larger room. If in doubt, raise it up, the more space the better! The type of comfort you want will also determine the type of lounge you look for. One with a fixed back often gives a sleeker look, ideal for smaller spaces, but will offer limited comfort compared to a generous loose cover lounge with an overfilled back and ample seat cushions. Consider how you want to sit on your lounge, eat on it or even work on it. All these factors will determine your preference for proportions such as seat depth, arm style and height that will lead you to the style that is perfect for you.




Make sure that the size of your sofa is right for your room so that its proportions do not obstruct the flow of your space, the perfect lounge should never overpower the room or obstruct its traffic. Both scale and proportion are crucial when it comes choosing the right sofa, you might fall in love with an oversized sectional but ask yourself….will it really fit in your room? Likewise, that tiny, scandi inspired lightweight two seater might not be ideal for a larger space. It is all about practicality and being honest with the true dimensions of your space! Take into consideration how the sofa looks from all angles, the length, depth and back height, proportions are everything! The sofa is often the largest piece in the room and if chosen correctly can be the statement piece in any interior. If you choose too wide and big, the sofa tends to overpower the space, too narrow and you have aeons of space left to fill with unnecessary furniture. To get the size of your sofa just right it is best to mock up a floor plan or even to measure your ideal sofa dimensions out on your living room floor with tape so that you can determine what is ideal for your room. As a side note, also measure entryways into your living room and home so that you will actually be able to get the perfect, carefully chosen sofa into your home!! 




When selecting a colour for a lounge, there are a lot of factors to consider including the style of your space and your lifestyle. Do you have kids? Pets? A messy partner who is prone to putting his dirty shoes on the lounge? Aim to choose a fabric that won't need constant up keep, won't pull or look tired too quickly. It is sensible to stay fairly neutral in colour and to create visual interest with a textured fabric if you want to add in that extra something. Choose darker colours for a room with excess natural light and lighter tones for darker rooms to help them feel lighter and more open. If you do want to add a statement lounge in a vibrant hue then ensure that you have accents of that tone elsewhere in your room to ensure that that the look remains cohesive. Another option is to stick with a more neutral tone lounge and to add in colour and texture with your accessories such as cushions that can be changed without much expense whenever you feel inclined to freshen up your interior look. Slip covers are also fabulous if you love the white look but have kids or the aforementioned partner, these are sure to save your sanity and your lounge! They can be purchased in a myriad of fabrics and colours so also offer a unique way to change up your lounges colour or pattern if you fancy.




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Turin Sofa Grey

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Turin Sofa Blue

Our Price $819.00
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The Hills 3 Seat Sofa

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RRP $6685

Perugia Velvet 3 Seater Sofa Silver Grey

Our Price $1,829.00
RRP $2435

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