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Add some green to your interiors with a home-made terrarium

If you’re into interior design, you’ll probably have noticed terrariums popping up in beautifully styled homes a lot recently. If you’re loving the botanical indoor nature trend, the great news is that they’re easy to design and create yourself. Made in a transparent container to let the sunlight in, terrariums are often sealed to create their own sustainable eco-system, but they can also be open top. Design desert like terrariums using succulents, cacti and stones, or more lush tropical looking terrariums with rich soil, ferns and grasses.


1. To make a simple open top terrarium

1. First add a layer of small rocks for water to drain at the bottom

2. Add a deeper layer of moist, rich potting soil, and an extra layer of soil mixed with charcoal for a deeper more detailed look

3. Arrange small plants and place into the bowl by creating small holes in the soil with a knife and gently easing each plant in. Press down to release air bubbles in the soil.

4. Once the plants have been arranged, sprinkle a layer of fine sand and pebbles over the top for added effect

Grow indoor plants

2. Best plants for terrariums

Terrariums thrive without much intervention or care when you use the right plants. Use a combination of these terrarium friendly species that will look great and last well:

  • Moon Valley Friendship Plant
  • Starfish Plant
  • Variegata
  • Minimus Aureus
  • Black Mondo Grass
  • Strawberry Begonia
  • Succulents

    Screen shot 2015 09 12 at 9.38.05 pm copy

    3. Caring for your terrarium

    The great thing about terrariums is not only do they look beautiful, but once established, they’re really low maintenance too. Make sure your terrarium is watered around once a fortnight or when the soil is dry. If you’re using succulents, they’ll need some direct sunlight every day. If you use the right plants, terrariums can last for years without much care required.

    Images sourced via Pinterest

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