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hygge your home for winter

In a world that seems to get busier and even more hectic every day, the need to sit back, relax and enjoy the small sacred things in life has never been more prevalent.
The Danes and many other Scandinavian countries have long established themselves as lovers of calm and have in turn consistently been at the top of the polls as the happiest people on earth. It is frequently said that this can be put down to the home decor concept of Hygge which graces every aspect of Scandinavian life and design.



Pronounced “Hoo-ga”, the word is becoming increasingly recognisable and was originally a Norwegian term for wellbeing. This was then developed into a concept and way of living by the Danish people of the 18th century. Applicable to any time and space, Hygge transverses both winter and summer but the idea really comes alive in the harsh bracing cold seasons that Scandinavia is renowned for, hence its popularity in terms of autumn and winter interior trends. Frequently described as “cosiness” or “togetherness” in English however the term has no literal translation, making it almost impossible to pinpoint exactly what Hygge means. Hygge is largely defined as the ritual of enjoying life’s simplest pleasures and the art of creating a warm and inviting space for yourself, friends and family. It really is a far reaching notion that has spread like wildfire the world over. It seems everyone is keen for their own little piece of Hygge.






It is time to embrace the warming glow of candlelight with the simple candle being seen as one of the most fundamental parts of the Hygge experience. Whether scented or unscented, candles are most possibly the most Hyggeligt (Hygge like) items out there. Think flickering candles at breakfast all grouped together on a plywood board, candles lit at dusk dotted in groups and in singulars throughout your rooms to greet you as you move through your home and your nightly routines. Candles strewn abundantly around the bathtub as you soak the chills of the winter day away. The warm and inviting nature of a candle rather than the stark illumination of a downlight is the very essence of the Hygge notion.



Beautiful Scandi styled bedroom         
Scandi living room
cosy Scandi style dining room

When you think of cosy and warming interiors the mind instantly wanders to lusciously soft textures think chunky knits, woollen throws, fluffy hides, faux fur, sumptuous linens and soft floor cushions. These textures from the most luxurious merino and cashmere layered up with earthy Nordic sheepskins and tactile textured accessories are hugely on trend at the moment, creating a Scandi and Hygge styled look when placed in any and every room. When combined with a roaring fire or soft candlelight there is no setting more Hygge!



Scandi interiors



You don’t need to overhaul your interior to make it more Hyggeligt. Simple and considered detail is all that is needed to transform your home into a Hygge inspired haven. Hygge is not about extravagance and your interiors should reflect this by creating a warm and inviting atmosphere rather than an in your face wow factor. Use large strategically placed mirrors to reflect natural light into darker corners of your home to brighten the winter gloom and add some warmth to your rooms. Incorporate Scandi inspired wooden furnishings and rustic decorations such as neatly curated stacks of firewood to re-create the warm, earthy, natural feeling of a Nordic log cabin, even better if you have a fireplace to burn them in!! Use wood finishes like warm walnuts and natural oaks in your building materials for a sense of Hygge all year round. Avoid too many plastics or acrylics and keep to man-made materials wherever possible, the sense of Hygge is all in this small personal details. When it comes to Hygge, less is much, much more.




Add vintage, antique and heirloom pieces into your interior styling to create that nostalgic homely feel. Think books, vintage records in rough papery packets and antique Scandi pottery in organic groupings. These are also a great way to share a little personal info with those you invite into your home and this sharing/togetherness is very in tune with the Hygge concept.


Warmth from lamps


Illuminate your room with Hygge cosiness by using lamps for warm mood lighting. Harsh lighting is very detrimental to the Hygge ambience so instead, choose two or three smaller lamps to place around your rooms to create low-level lighting that feels warm and inviting. This indirect light is perfect for creating a Hygge atmosphere in your home. Make sure you choose your lamps for their purpose not just on design merit alone…. you do still need to be able to see your dinner and your dining companions after all!




A Hygge home is best shared with friends and the whole concept of Hygge is about embracing the warmth and togetherness of those you love through the darker, colder days and nights. Cozy up together on floor cushions and drink hot chocolate while snuggled in luxurious throws. Hosts dinner parties with abundant red wine at a table set with Scandi inspired touches from the outdoors, think vases filled with simple greenery and autumns twigs surrounded by a mass of flickering candles and many happy content guests. You see the concept of Hygge really is about enjoying life’s simplest pleasures in the cosy company of friends and family. It’s the art of creating a warm and inviting space for these friends and family to linger together, sharing in food, drinks and conversations. Yet it is also the enjoyment one finds in curling up in with a good book on a beautiful lounge and nestling in for the day with endless cups of tea. Hygge is not something you can buy…it's a state of mind brought about by the environment you create.







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