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In most capital cities around Australia, more and more apartment blocks are popping up every week, meaning lots of people are opting to live in smaller quarters. Apartments are of course more cosy than houses, but the great thing about it is that it forces you to be quite selective with what you bring into the home and how you decorate the space. Decorating with bookshelves is probably the best way (in our opinion!) to be space smart and a simple way include some contemporary style into your living space.
Having books in your house is a really easy way to make your space feel more like a home. Whether you have recipe books, novels or encyclopedias, as lovely as they are, there is always an issue with how much room they take up. If you already have shelves and want to simply increase the depth of a room, run mirrors behind the built-in shelf. This will solve that ‘crowded’ feeling and better yet, it’ll look like you’ve got double the books!



Bookshelves can be used as a way to frame one of your favourite art pieces. Wall space is prime real-estate in smaller places, and the books do a wonderful job of drawing the eye into the gap where the art hangs. The room will be somewhat cosier, however, styling this way is quite unique and is a great way to show off your decorative prowess. If you have smaller pieces of art or sculptures, you could break up the books by including some of them on the shelves in-between. This is a way to make the area look less dense and create the illusion of space, even if there wasn’t much to begin with. Another idea we love is instead of hanging art, include a statement mirror into the area between the books. This is a sure fire way to make the room seem a lot bigger than it is. You can read more about Art Deco Mirrors here.



Just because you’ve created a wonderful space for literature, doesn’t mean you have to fill it exclusively with books. Maybe you don’t have enough to fill the space or you feel having them all in a row makes the shelf look cluttered. Whatever your situation is, the great thing is there are no rules! Some great additions to bookshelves are candles, vases (with flowers or not), decorative plates, plants and or pictures of family and friends. The options are limitless and incorporating all your favourite cherished things in one place is lovely for you to reflect on while walking by, but also gives your guests a chance to see who you are and notice the things that mean a lot to you.



Personally, we are massive fans of colour coordinating your bookshelves. Not only does this make you look very organised, it adds pops of colour effortlessly into your home. This styling technique does work better when you have a lot of books to display as it makes it easier to create the blocks of colour. You can stack them on top of each other in one colour and then align books in a row in a separate colour next to them. Try to break up darker colours with brighter ones in between, or you could even have them arranged in the order of the colour wheel. This is a really gorgeous and fun way to display all your favourite books.



When you don’t have a lot of space, you need to become creative with what you’ve got. If you have doors or walls that meet and make a corner, then you can easily create some extra shelving space. This idea is especially nice for children as you can display not only their favourite bedtime stories but also use the shelves to store small toys and trinkets. Another idea for kids is to have a bookshelf on wheels. Being on wheels, it can be pushed around and stored in different areas of the room. This can be shared between two or even three kids, therefore only one will have the bookshelf in their room at a time. This is an interactive way to get kids to share books and toys and doesn’t take up too much room.


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