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It’s All About Creating A Cosy And Moody Feeling In Your Home This Winter

winter styling
Like it or not, there's a definite mood shift during the winter months. The light, bright and energetic vibes of summer are long forgotten and a more luxurious, cocooning and contemplative mood predominates. Our needs and focus shift towards more intimate and cosy spaces and we find ourselves craving warmth as well as soft, rich tactile textures. You could describe this feeling as moody…not in a downbeat way but rather in a more evocative and sophisticated sense. In order to create this cosier winter atmosphere at home, upping the moodiness factor of your interiors is the way to go. If you want to add some of this moody winter style into your interiors, below are three simple ideas you can easily execute to achieve this irresistible moody feel.
cosy living room
styled dining room


It seems in winter we are all the more willing to reach straight into our closets for the darker colour tones of black, grey, burgundy and navy, we dress to reflect the weather and this colour palette should extend straight through to our winter interior style too. The addition of black, grey, burgundy and navy hues will instantly add moodiness to your home. These intense colours tend to attract the eye and contrast with pre-existing lighter colours in your interiors to create a dramatic and dynamic look. These darker tones can be introduced in so many ways, think oversized navy knitted throws, linen cushions or bed linen in charcoal grey to match the clouds outside, a large scale feature art or photography piece in black and white, industrial style furniture with burnished black legs or even perhaps a deep burgundy feature wall, the possibilities are endless!
dark moody interior design


Cosy, cuddly textures are pure heaven during the cold winter months as our desire to be cocooned inside against the elements fuels our desire for all things soft and tactile to nestle into. The trick is all in the layering of these luxuriously beautiful and textured elements in order to achieve the moody vibe you are after. This is easy during the cooler months where more really is better. Layer up your bed with two or more extra rugs in a variety of rich colours and textures, add some plush velvet cushions in deep jewel tones onto your lounge or use them as floor cushions to create little nooks to cosy up in. Drape a few soft cashmere and wool throws over your lounge chair and let them cascade gently over the arm, just begging you to sit down and wrap yourself up in! Add in warmer tone floor rugs and layer them up for an opulent textural look and you can even add some moody style to your dining room or office chairs by placing Icelandic sheepskins over them to sit against as you eat steaming bowls of soup.
soft, cosy interior furnishings


Lighting is an easy and quite essential way to set a moody tone at home during those darker, wintery days and nights. Ambient lighting is your best friend in this instance, so break out all the candles and lamps that you own. Rather than lighting starkly from above the idea is to create warm, golden pools of light dotted throughout your interiors, which set a far more warming, moody and sophisticated tone. Investing in a striking feature floor lamp is a fabulous way to introduce some mood lighting into a room, and ideally buy several smaller lamps as well and dot them throughout your home so that this moody aesthetic is continued as a cohesive look and feel. For a less expensive but equally as gorgeous option, you can fill your home with clusters of candles in varying shapes, sizes and vessels to add flickering pockets of warm golden light and instant moodiness to your home. Think of a vintage silver tray overflowing with white pillar candles of different heights perched atop of your coffee table and of being snuggled up in a cashmere blanket on the lounge and reading via the soft warming light of your lamp…..this is what the winter mood is all about so let's embrace it this season!

 mood lighting - dining room

mood lighting living room

All images sourced from Pinterest.

Click here to view originals and browse our Pinterest board for more moody winter styling inspiration

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