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It's Time To Organise Our Experts Share Their Easy "How To" Guides


The New Year is the perfect time to reflect and re-evaluate the organisation in your home and implementing new systems that are sure to make the year ahead easy, breezy and oh so smooth. We asked our experts to share their top organisational guides that will help you get your wardrobe and cupboards in tip top order so that you and your home are ready for whatever life throws your way this year!



Purge: Remove everything from your bathroom cupboards and as you do so throw out anything that you no longer use, need or that is out of date.
Sort: Now you have a clear indication of everything that you store in that cupboard, begin to sort the items into separate category specific piles such as makeup, skincare, medical, haircare, lotions etc.
Clean: wipe over all your cupboard surfaces, removing any dirt, stains and grime so that you have lovely fresh and clean surfaces to put your products and storage items back onto.
Make a plan: This is a great time to consider what storage tools you may need to include in your cupboards such as brush holders, baskets, boxes or free-standing small scale drawers. These are items that will provide a home for everything you need to store and help to improve your organisation in the long run so consider wisely!
Maintain: Now that your cupboard space is organised and tidy, it is imperative you maintain this order by returning everything to its home once used and to be ruthless in purging any item or product that you haven’t used in a year. This will ensure you stay organised all year long!



Purge: Begin by removing everything from your pantry and as you do so throw out, recycle or compost anything that is inedible, expired or never going to be used.
Sort: Sort your pantry items into categories and place any open goods into storage jars or containers. Categorise your pantry items into groups including but not limited too:
Sauces, oils and condiments
Pasta, rice and legumes
Tea and coffee
Clean: Wipe over your pantry shelves, drawers and walls to ensure you have a clean and fresh space to place all your items back into. If your feeling extra house proud you can even wipe a few drops of an essential oil blend over the inside of your pantry doors as a natural deodoriser.
Arrange: Place items back into the pantry with mic considered thought, keep frequently use categories at an easy to reach shelf height and store treats higher up out of temptation. Consider adding baskets or specialised storage systems into your pantry to ensure your categories remain together in their designated sections. Place any shorter used by date items close to the front of their section so they are used up first.
Maintain: Now that you have done the hard work all you have to do is ensure that your pantry stays this way! Always place items back into their designated section, correctly store any open items in containers or jars before putting them back into your pantry and aim to give your pantry a wipe over and freshen up every three months and a complete overhaul every 6/12 months.



Sort: Begin organising your wardrobe by removing every item and placing it on the bed. Make three designated piles “KEEP”, “DONATE”, "BIN” and be ruthless when sorting out your clothing, accessories and footwear into these categories. A general rule to follow is anything you haven’t worn in 6 months should be donated and anything that is past its worn date or broken beyond repair should be binned.
Clean: Give your wardrobe space a freshen up by wiping over all the surfaces with a damp cloth to remove dust, mildew or general grime. Place a few drop of essential oil on a soft cloth and wipe the bottom of your wardrobe over with it to keep your space and clothing smelling delightful!
Store: Whether you are short on space or not it is always a good idea to rotate your clothing seasonally and store any bulkier items out of the way when they are not needed. You can either move them to higher up shelves in your wardrobe space, vacuum press them in bags and store or place them in another room of your home.
Re-arrange: Now that you have a clear indication of the amount of clothing you own and will need to keep organised it time to consider how you will do so. The best way to do this is by grouping your clothes into categories and then placing them in your wardrobe in a frequency of use order. Start with shorter items such as tops and work your back through to longer times such as dresses or coats. Use this method for accessories and footwear also.
Maintain: The goal of wardrobe organisation is to always be able to view and locate everything inside your wardrobe when you open it. Keep your wardrobe space organised by returning everything to its place after use or washing, it sounds simple because it is! The few minutes it takes to do this every day will ensure your space stays maintained and organised always.




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