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Posted on 26 January 2018

2018 is set to be a big year in terms of living room trends and we are sure you are just going to love them all! From earthen luxury right through to curvy comfort, the living room trends predicted for the year ahead are nothing short of exciting. We’ve got the interior style low down on all things trending so that you and your living room can join in on all the beautiful!



The year ahead shows a trend shift towards mindfulness, fluidity and balance in ourselves and in our homes. Our homes are set to become our havens in this busy and often chaotic world. Textiles are set to be used in great abundance to reflect this throughout the home interior but especially in the living room. Velvets, in all their soft, luxurious, inviting and comforting glory are the perfect fabric to promote these feelings in any interior and what is even better is that this is not just a fleeting trend, it's here to stay. Take bold steps by including a velvet sofa or armchair into your living room space or tiny smaller steps with cushions, throws or velvet accent decor. This visibly soft and inviting textile is the perfect way to soothe both you and the soul of your home in 2018!



With a move towards sensuality, softness and comfort in our homes and lives it is no surprise that one of the colours de jour of the year is Pink in its myriad of warm shades and tones (not to forget the uber-trend colour ultra violet!). From dark burgundy to the softest of blush tones, pink is set to take over living rooms everywhere so be inspired to add it to yours. Think textiles, wall colours, wallpaper, furniture, decor accents and rugs… To put it simply, “PINK IS THE NEW WHITE”.



The popularity of the handmade and artisan product continues to soar to new heights in 2018 with our obsession for organic materials, traditional techniques and the perfectly imperfect predominating the way we design and style the interiors of our homes, living room included. Think ceramic or wooden vessels, bespoke furniture, textured weavings and handcrafted textiles dyed with natures bounty. This is a trend that again reflects the movement towards mindfulness, sensuality, harmony and a growing desire to shelter ourselves from the chaos and reliance on technology that is permeating our world.



Curves are new geometrical for 2018 and hopefully will be for a few more years to come. This trend is easily reflected in our interiors with enveloping curved chairs, sumptuous lounges rounded mirrors, circular nesting tables, round rugs, curvaceous dining tables and even curved living room walls. Circles offer safety, protection and fluidity so including them in your living room interior is a sure fire way too create all the good vibes this year.



In relation to the year's trending keywords of mindfulness, harmony and balance it seems only fitting that reflection is set to play a big part in living room trends in 2018. Mirrors and softly reflective surfaces are the perfect way to include this trend in your living room. This trend is not about the shiny, bright and flashy it is more about including soft and subtle reflection in your home via coloured glass, tinted mirror, mirror bound with organic material such as leather or rattan or better yet age-worn mirror used in furniture, something that offers a softened yet still powerful reflection.






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