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Lowline TV Units Are All About Style - Oh, And Function!

Functional and central, your entertainment unit is a major element of your décor and of your daily life — this is your home cultural hub! There are sophisticated set-ups and extroverted options — some that can take over a wall space and be a home for the whole spectrum of entertainment, from TV to stereo to books and artwork. Then there are lowline units that range in style and are always stylish — a design in their own right — and help the mechanics of the family’s entertainment time blend in, as though the music and the movies were a Zen part of the home vibe.


Anchor in White for Clean and Elegant

White lines are a timeless choice for a TV unit. Choose a simple design, all white with doors to keep all the essentials close yet hidden. Keep the long top shelf spare and sparkling so that the TV and a few decorative elements can breathe and brighten the whole space.


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White with Wood Can Go Retro Or Modern

Or pair the white with a light wood to create a modern look with a classic or retro twist. Oak or an oaky veneer can be a dual element of the unit itself or be an added element, perhaps a built-in stylish shelf space or a backdrop for texture and character.


Images via Pinterest
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Retro Means Many (Great) Things

Bringing in the past can be the best choice for especially spacious living rooms that call for functional pieces to have character and history that keep the space warm and curious. Go industrial with metal or art deco with a geometrical sideboard that doubles as a home for your TV and plush, top-shelf speakers. Or embrace wood of all sorts that bring in the most stylish of decades, from the 50s to the 70s when home décor was peaking as the zeitgeist embraced personal comfort in serious fashion.


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Get Just a Little Funky 

Not all TV units are designed that way. Sideboards are an excellent way to go and then there are all the fun choices: which era, colour scheme, and range of vibes will you be living by, day and night?


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Master the Floating TV

With a grand, sparkling screen anchored to a wall or a solid, designed back piece, your cabinet or sideboard is left to its own style and function devices. A floating TV is a magical space-saving solution and while it doesn’t need a floor piece to float above, this set up just opens up more options to decorate and get design-y with utter practicality. Keep the sideboard empty of minimally decorated and infuse a small room with at least the sense of space. Or use it for some natural or thoroughly aesthetic elements, from plants and flowers to a few sculptures or photo frames that will not distract from but enhance the action on the TV above.


Images via Pinterest
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All images sourced via Pinterest - click here to see originals and more inspired imagery



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