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Few items are as much of a design staple as the decorative mirror, however, there are a few golden rules to follow that will ensure your interiors shine in all their mirrored glory! Mirrors are fabulous, multi-purpose tools for using within our homes they can make spaces appear larger, create warmth, reflect natural light and add in that all important decorative element. For a look that you will love forever, keep reading and we will guide you through the process of selecting a perfect decorative mirror for your home.


Scale is important when it comes to choosing any wall decor and a mirror is no exception. When searching for a mirror to complement your interior it is vital to establish the following:



If you are after a mirror to hang as a feature above a lounge, sideboard or bed then you could make a big bold statement with an oversized mirror that fills the expanse of space. If you prefer a more subtle approach and are interested in grouping a variety of mirrors or combining them with artwork above a piece of furniture then it is best to install them so as that they cover three- quarters of the spatial length of your chosen furniture piece. A great rule of thumb is to leave 30cm of empty space above and below your mirror installation so as not to crowd the space and to also create definition between furnishings. If you're lucky enough to have a fireplace mantle then this is a most fabulous place to feature a decorative mirror. When it comes to sizing a mirror for above the fireplace, look for something that adequately fills the space between the top of the mantle and the ceiling. Alternatively, something that offers a diversion of shape can look incredibly chic and inspired, for example, a round mirror that will draw the eye away from the fireplaces square form. When placing the mirror you can either hang it or rest it on the actual mantle itself, this is a purely personal choice! You will find that the style of the mirror itself generally dictates the best approach to the size you choose and way you hang it. Round and rectangular mirrors tend to look best centred and are phenomenal interior statement pieces when oversized. Free form mirrors of a more petite and textural nature are often best grouped together or leant against a furnishing such as a mantle so as that they are anchored in the space.


With a seeming number of choices available, finding the perfect mirror for your space can seem impossible! A mirror and its frame shape can completely change the look and feel of a room, so it is vital that you get it just right! To give your room a fresh, updated feel think outside the traditional square mirrored box and instead opt for one of the oversized round mirrors that are currently taking over the interiors world! Mirrors with curves tend work well in interiors dominated by minimal details and straight lines as they balance out the hard angles and become a predominant feature in themselves. Walls without architectural details are a perfect canvas for any mirror, but in order to add instant depth and interest, choose a classic, strong rectangular or square shaped mirror and look for a size that is either equal to or almost as large as the piece you wish to hang it above. This will ensure the mirror becomes a shining decor piece within the room.


The type of mirror that steals your and your interiors heart should be an entirely personal choice, one guided by your aesthetic, needs and wants. You may be someone who gravitates towards the more traditional style of mirror, the modern metal rimmed rounds of today or the boho inspired wicker mirror du jour. In a sleek, modern or minimalist space, consider keeping to thinner framed mirror with less ornamentation so as that it blends in without calling too much attention to itself. If you are looking for something that will inject a bit more personality then perhaps a more sculptural or three-dimensional mirror is best. These mirrors function as pieces of art themselves and should always be left as the dominant focus on your walls. If you're looking to add boho vibes to your interiors then an organic wicker framed mirror is the perfect style for you! There are a vast variety of shapes and sizes to choose from and they can look breathtaking when featured en masse together on a wall. For a slightly more subtle approach, a grouping of two can look just as beautiful. No matter what you have your heart or mind set on, it is always a great idea to take a picture of the space you intend to hang the mirror in with you when you go shopping. This will allow you to visualise the space clearly and identify the impact that any mirror and its size, shape or style, will have on your space. You never know just what you might find or fall in love with. Like we said the possibilities are endless. 


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All images sourced from Pinterest - click here to see originals and more styled imagery

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