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6 Ideas For Mirrored Bedroom Furniture That Deserves The Hype

Glamour, intrigue, light and lust — mirrors are beautifully functional of course, and yet their real magic is the spectrum of effects they can create, as well as vibes from all of the great décor traditions, from Paris to New York and plenty of stylish hotspots in between. In a bedroom, one mirror can beam lots of natural light a long away, while mirrored dressers and bedposts, bedside tables and cupboards can elevate a room from the everyday into an intimate space worthy of both screen time and quiet time.


1. Let it Sparkle

Don’t overdo it but no need to hold back either: here is just enough mirror to create a gentle disco effect. It’s feminine and has personality but there is no crying out for a party all day or year long.


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2. One Gorgeous Mirror Can Make a Whole Room

A mirror and glamorous table lamps can be just the glassy touches to create the mirrored effect with supreme elegance and overall glamour. Then focus on silvery and gently glittery details — throws and sheets, rugs and details such as candle holders and vases will cast glints of sparkle and intrigue without outshining the comfort.



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3. Create a Palatial Haven

Mirrors are inherently glamorous, adding sparkle when composed around a core décor of satin and silver detailed with some rich black that grounds a space. Here is a bedroom as cosy as it is theatrical.


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4. Go Soft for a Floral Ambience

Creams and pinks are elegant tones to collaborate with mirrored details — the mirror and glass bring out soft layers of the jewel-like colours and with the natural light comes a velvety effect that twinkles just enough to be playful as well as grand.


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5. Classic Black Lends Intrigue

Here is a room with celebrity style. A black and silver framework is timeless and seductive and alluring for him, her or both. Mirrored details bring some art nouveau and when subtly mismatched giving a vintage feel that lends warmth and depth to the décor’s clean lines.
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6. It’s All in the Details

Here is to more pink in all its tones and in bolder ways — the strong drape of peachy velvet coordinates with the mirrored details that are neither subtle nor overbearing. The metallic vintage mirror reflects the room’s silver accents and allows a mirrored bed to frame an otherwise tight and potentially cluttered space.


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