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The best thing about our eternal love for retro is that time preserves the very best of the eras. Also, designs evolve and have the potential to get better and better as time goes by. To do the retro aesthetic justice at home, have fun and embrace the weird and the playful, the stoic and the glamour. Also be thoughtful so as not to overdo the retro or get too busy with different eras.


Consider Full Retro

Some home decors go all the way with retro with just a few contemporary touches, which is utterly transporting when choreographed just right.


Or Refine Classic Décor with Retro Elements and Accents

It can be simpler and definitely as effective to use retro furniture and accessories to add character and whimsy to otherwise thoroughly modern interiors. 


Sideboards Can Be the Most Retro

You could add no more retro elements than a sideboard in every room and that would be enough to bring the imagination and intrigue of past times into your space without having to shout “retro” from every corner. There’s a world of retro sideboard options out there, many of them originals or refurbished vintage pieces that have been cared for over time. There are also designers galore creating new versions that are authentic, stunning and practical. 
For a dining or a central room, choose a sideboard with heft and personality — something midcentury modern perhaps, built with elegant, robust timber such as oak or a walnut finish. Perhaps update it with a panel or full coat of fine, glossy paint in a strong colour so that the sideboard can do nothing but feature itself among its contemporary cohorts.
Or in a bedroom, add whimsy or quirk with a 50s or 60s design or a candy-like colour palette — elegantly applied, of course. 


Go Two Tone

Moments in time can be defined by a colour palette and two definitive toned walls or décor can be firmly placed a room in a special era. Establish a feature furniture piece in one signature colour. Then complement it with all manner of elements — cushions, curtains, vases, lampshades and more — scattered all around. Or let the walls do the work with precise or geometric lines bordering one bright colour against another.


Or Embrace the Monotone

Greens and blues can take you and your guests back to the 20s, 50s or 60s. Paint two walls ever so slightly different shades of each other and nestle a couch in the next tone down. Place gentle elements around the room and everyone will want to stay in time unlike their own.


Kitchens Love Retro

Imagine visiting the 50s every day for coffee and toast in full home comfort. Or you can simply feature a wall and a few signature pieces to infuse a modern kitchen with a sense of the past.





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