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By now most of us are familiar with shibori, a type of dyeing that’s having its moment in the interiors trend spotlight. Shibori is a Japanese dyeing technique that typically involves folding, twisting or bunching cloth and binding it, then dyeing it in indigo. Whatever is used to bind the fabric will resist the dye, resulting in areas of the cloth that take the distinctive blue dye in patterns created by the resistance, and other areas of the cloth that remain white. It seems we've gone mad for this trend and it can be found in everything from bed linen to tea towels not to mention the hundreds of gorgeous indigo throw cushions!!

Heres some of the most inspiring shibori adorned interiors to get you in the indigo mood..

What's not to love about this indigo dream of a lounge chair! The mix of modern shibori fabric and an old provincial style lounge frame make for an inspired twist on this trend. The perfect place to sit and flick through interiors mags.

Why stop at shibori fabrics when you can shibori wallpaper your bathroom?!! The combination of dark indigo paint paired with the shibori wallpaper makes a striking statement.

This modern setting is the perfect place for these exquisite shibori upholstered dining chairs. The mix of colours, styles and textiles produces a polished and highly modern interior look.

What a gorgeous room to wake up to every day! The decadent glass chandelier and vintage poster combined with the modern shibori bed cover are a match made in heaven.



    Indigo dye kit (Indigo Dye, Reducing Agent, Rubber Gloves, Rubber Bands, Wood Blocks) available from most craft stores
    3x Cotton tea towels
    Large 20 litre bucket or container (plastic or metal is ideal)
    Plastic tarp or something to protect the ground below
    A stir stick long enough to reach the bottom of the bucket (an old broom handle is ideal for this job)
    A String and clothes pegs to hang tea towels to dry

        HOW TO

        Step 1: Set up your work area. Lay the plastic tarp down, it's best to do this outside.
        Step 2: Mix up your dye vat according to the kit instructions and let sit for 1/2 hour to 1 hour.
        Step 3: Fold and bind the tea towels according to your desired end result. The dye kit will come with several pattern ideas. But pegs, paddle pop sticks and twine have great results.
        Step 4: Run your bound towels under the faucet to completely soak them.
        Step 5: Before you submerge your first piece in the dye vat, compress it with your hands, and squeeze out excess water and air.
        Step 6: Fully submerge or dip a portion of the bound towel into the vat. The longer you leave it in the dye, the darker the blue colour will become. When you first remove the towel, it will be light yellow-green in colour, but as it oxidises, the rich indigo blue colour will appear. Set the piece aside and let oxide for about 20-30 minutes.
        Step 7:  You might want to dip your bound towels again if the colour isn’t as dark as you were hoping. The indigo colour will be darker when it's wet and lighten as it dries.
        Step 8: For the towels that were completely submerged in dye, rinse off excess dye prior to removing rubber bands, unfolding and pinning to the clothesline to dry. For towels that were only partially dipped, no need to rinse. Remove the rubber bands and hang on the clothesline to dry.
        Step 9: Once the towels are completely dry, hand wash them with a mild laundry detergent, and hang back up to dry.

        This DIY is not only limited to tea towels, you could also do curtains, tablecloths, cushion covers, napkins, pillowcases, wall hangings….trust us, once you start it's very hard to stop!






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