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Sideboards are a home furnishing must have, not only are they incredibly practical and highly functional but they are also the ideal place to create stylistic display perfection with all the treasures that you love. Sideboards are usually placed in bedrooms or living rooms to provide extra storage without compromising on the design aesthetic of an interior but can be added to any room in the home. We're not here to talk about the storage on the inside, we're here to take you through all the styling potential of the outside of the sideboard and how you can achieve perfection at home with your own sideboard by following our must know styling tips!



Whilst it's all well and good to dress your sideboard full to the brim with pretty vignettes and coveted treasures, it can also be a great idea to add function to your sideboard. A sideboard is a perfect place to add a lamp that will, in turn, provide soft illumination within your interior. A lamp is also a fabulous idea as it will create a base height within your sideboard display. Since this light doesn't need to be directional task lighting in terms of being a reading or writing lamp it is best to opt for a fabric shade that offers soft evenly distributed light that is sure to provide serene ambiance.



Choosing items that are varied in height, shape, and dimension is a great way to create an interesting composition on your sideboard. Stack up some of those books you have always wanted to display, this will help to create levels on the sideboard surface so everything isn't sitting at exactly the same level on the sideboard top. These little book pedestals are the perfect place to add an accessory or treasure at a different eye level focal point. Playing with scale can also be a fabulous idea, don't be scared to place an oversized artwork or sculptural piece on your sideboard and likewise, don't forget about the tiny stuff, it too can look gorgeous when featured in pride of place on display.



Perhaps you don't have enough room to hang all your collected works of art on your walls? stacking and layering one dominant and several smaller sized artworks on the sideboard top and leaning them against the wall is a great way to bring depth and interest to your sideboard as well as showing off your favourite art pieces. Another bonus is that these artwork pieces are easily interchangeable and can be rotated out regularly to create a fresh look.



Mix in your accessories, treasures, vases, candles, trays etc. Vary the sizes, shapes, textures, and tones of these items whilst maintaining a consistent and cohesive colour palette throughout. Keeping a consistent colour palette will ensure everything feels pulled together and is all part of the same story even if the items are vast, varied and all over the shop in terms of subject matter. For a striking effect, you could try limiting colour to one tone in many varied forms and creating a display that is sure to attract a lot of attention and interest. Try to keep your colour palettes in line with your pre-existing decor so as not to create visual disruption.



Don't forget to add that vital finishing touch, in the art of sideboard styling this comes in the form of an indoor plant or exquisite vase of florals. This is a great way to add an organic touch to your styling and also a good opportunity to introduce a piece of scale that will help to balance lamp height and refine your overall composition. Make sure you protect your sideboard top from water damage by placing felt on the underneath of the vase or planter, after all now that you have mastered the art of sideboard styling you wouldn't want to damage this perfect piece of furniture!!




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