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Rockstar or bohemian (or both!): all white is a bold, refreshing move for a bedroom. White is often the crisp, delightful choice for country-style bedrooms and whether that bedroom is at the heart of the farmyard home, or a cosy retreat smack in the middle of a city apartment, there are variations galore. Mastering all white décor is a fun challenge: for the most part, it’s about creating texture and depth. The best part is: the more décor, the more effective the white monotone approach can be. So don’t hold back on all those glamorous, comfy, cute, fluffy or shiny accessories and essentials. They all come together beautifully when white is their uniting theme.


Mirror, mirror, on my white wall



Mirrors will expand any space, especially a white bedroom, which could otherwise feel a little bit clinical, even if it is lovely and spacious and ever so clean. Maximise your white space with mirrors — there is a world of white frames out there but cream or silver frames work great too and are not technically cheating. Mirrors on every wall, or mirrors hanging side by side will attract a natural light throughout your bedroom and warm the space while the white sparkles. Mirrors also reflect all your artistry so that no white detail will go unnoticed.


Get Textured

There’s no such thing as a plain white doona cover. They can be subtly stitched with stripes or spots or diamond shapes. They may also be embroidered or pleated and this will add depth to your bed space, which is pretty much the beating heart of your bedroom, so that’s the place to start! Also, try for materials with some nuance — a satin doona, for example, is luxurious and creates shimmer. Layer upon that a fluffy white throw for the colder nights and there’s also an extra element of depth to your décor. Then top it all with cushions. All this texture also gives you something to run your fingers along when laying in late on Saturday morning, admiring your bright home haven with the sun streaming in.


Be dramatic with bedframes




Because more is more in an all-white realm, this is the time to embrace a bed frame with some real character. Add vintage flair with a painted steel frame — and why not let a few of those paint chips peel for a rustic touch. Or, go full country with painted white wood panels or an elegant mahogany headpiece rising behind your rows of comfy white pillows and forming a gorgeous space to rest against while reading and revelling in the room. Or, take a step beyond: there are few more appropriate spaces to invest in a romantic four-poster bed, which could come with a clean, wooden frame, or be carved and intricate, perfect for draping in sheer or silky fabric for a canopy effect.


Have Fun with Fur and Fluffy Elements

Cushions, throws, rugs — embrace beautifully made fluffy accessories, whether they’re sheepskin or lambswool indulgences, or finely crafted versions of luxurious materials. Faux Alpaca wool can be as good as the real thing. Knock some vintage hooks into the walls and doors and hang on them lush white clothing like a five-star bathrobe and a white fur scarf that will make you crave winter. All of these double as décor and wardrobe essentials.


Provide Plenty of Surfaces

There’s no need to crowd, but wherever there is space, consider a side table or a bookshelf, a console or a vanity table. Perhaps collect them all in uniform materials — painted wood or metal. Or mix and match and create a sort of mosaic of shelf space. These can then be used practically and aesthetically — left to stand solo or lined with books (which probably can’t all be white), and knick-knacks from trays to candles to jewellery holders that can be draped in a lifetime of necklaces.


Vases in Abundance

Vases were made for white — they can be tall and sleek and ready for a single rose. Or they can be fine pottery or porcelain, shaped into voluptuous receptacles that hold bunches of country flowers in one colour (lilac or yellow?) or a burst of rainbow florals that will waft through the space with fresh fragrance. Place vases everywhere: on bedside tables; in the ensuite next to the white toothbrushes; on windowsills so that anyone peeking in will see an elegant white haven with just a hint of the country garden flashing through. Vases also don’t need to be filled — collect them in every antique shop and create a whose-vase-was-this narrative for occasional guests to be intrigued by.


Lamps and light

A white bedroom can almost light itself — especially under a full moon, there will be a glow from your cosy space. However, reading is difficult without spotlights and lamps, and fairy lights create so much warmth. Floor lamps can come with cheeky non-white details (occasionally), wall lamps can be lit solo for a late night option, and fairy lights come in all sorts of shapes and brightnesses and bring all the whimsical, subtle details of your white retreat to life.







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