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The 101 on Indoor Plants

From terrariums, and macramé hanging pots, now the bigger, more tropical varieties are taking centre stage.

Plants add structure, shape and organic elements to any room. After all, they’re nature’s decorator pieces. With a wide range of colours, you can ground any space with organic elements and add some life to your interiors. Plants are good for your mental and physical health, improving air quality and they just make us feel better. Now we’ve covered why you should have indoor plants, now lets focus on how plant and pot according to 2015 trends.

The whole concept behind the Botanic trend of 2015 is getting closer to nature, and bringing your outdoors in. It’s about embracing the earth, blurring the lines between interiors and exteriors. This suits Australia especially with our gorgeous climate and penchant for outdoor living.

2015 interior trends botanics image via birdcage design

It isn’t necessary to turn your house into a thick jungle to get the most from houseplants. Rather, a few well-placed, well-grown houseplants can contribute to a lived-in cosy room, whether it’s filled with Victorian clutter or minimalist furnishings.

The trick this year is to keep it lush, not floral. We’re talking foliage, deep greens and a variety of textures. Leafy green patterns are trailing over everything from curtains to cushions this year and indoor plants are growing in popularity.

From terrariums, and macramé hanging pots, now the bigger, more tropical varieties are taking centre stage.

2015 interior trends botanics image via haymes

Macramé hanging plants

The houseplant may be fashion-forward once again, but there is one accessory that is definitely a Seventies throwback: the macramé plant holder. Coming back into fashion last year, it seems these still have a place in the botanic trends of 2015 which can be made out of different materials and hold a range of pot styles and plant species. You can make one to suit any décor style or colour scheme to put an artistic or retro spin on the old hanging plant.



The tiny, low-maintenance gardens are easy to make and add a dose of mossy serenity to your desk or home. Harking back to the seventies as well, these little worlds have been described as a scoop of earth put inside your favourite glassware; like a memory of a moment immortalised in an organic way.

Terrariums are easy to make, taking your favourite glass décor item and building a tiny garden with your favourite plants.

Grow indoor plants

Vertical Gardens

We’ve got an entire DIY guide – read it here!


Larger Potted Plants

Larger indoor plants, palms and other trees draw more attention and are specifically suited to filling that bare corner or providing some softness to a stark space. Larger plants bring nature into your home, complimenting raw organic materials in other elements of your décor.

Planting these is a bit of an experiment. Try the smaller plants to see how they fare in your house and then can re-pot them as they grow, or go for a larger plant if it is a success. Take into account the light, climate and watering the plant will require.

Large plant focal point

Artificial Plants

Artificial plants are becoming more and more lifelike, and less tacky. For busy people without time to care for temperamental plants, faux varieties require
no pruning, watering or climate worries. You can create a tropical paradise in an Alpine area if you please! You don’t have to worry that they will outgrow their pots or drop leaves.

Shop our Artificial Plant Collection.


Images via Pinterest.

For more inspiration bringing plants to your home, check out our Artificial Flowers and Trees Collection.

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