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3 New York Living Room Ideas In A New York Minute

Let’s be honest, who hasn’t coveted an uber-chic Manhattan style apartment at one time or another? With a population with a passion for staying ahead of the trends, it’s not surprising that New Yorkers are able to make even the tiniest of apartments feel elegant and chic. These styles are diverse but all have in common a very particular Manhattan-chic that is pared-back furniture, modern art, leafy plants, marble, and lots of luxe details. Let’s look at the golden rules of the modern living room, Manhattan style. We’re talking minimal, but with impact. Welcome to New York.


1. Living Room Gallery

Art is an absolute must in any Manhattan style apartment. Hanging a large artwork in your living room is a shortcut to introducing New York vibes into your living space. New York is one of the cultural capitals of the world and art is just about everywhere you look – especially in the homes of Manhattanites. So be confident and place your favourite artwork in your living room to add loads of personality in an instant. One statement piece is plenty here, because despite
its traditionally opulent feel, Manhattan-style is generally unfussy.


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2. Add A Plant

It’s a concrete jungle out there! Take a leaf from the New York playbook and bring some greenery into your Manhattan style apartment, no matter how far from NYC you are. Try an artificial plant – they’ve come a long way and are totally indistinguishable from the real deal, will never outgrow the space you have bought them for and require no maintenance.


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3. Storage

It gets to the best of all of us at times; storage. How does the average Manhattanite solve this problem? With style, of course. Keeping with the streamlined theme, a sideboard is the perfect addition to any Manhattan styled space. Keep it streamlined but don’t be afraid to go bold with a sideboard featuring embossed metallics to give your space a deluxe update. Alternatively, keep it simple and embrace a minimalist sideboard that brings all the storage options without taking up valuable visual space.

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