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Do Colour and Character

Images via Pinterest


Room Neutral tones can be tempting for a small living room but it doesn’t have to be all subtlety and clutter free in a space so central to our homes and hearts. In the early part of 2018, mindfulness and balance set the attitude for lives and interiors, and this continues. Along with it, however, the cultural tides are shifting to embrace story, however gentle or bold yours may be. Even a small living space can be a place of character and intrigue with colour, luxurious materials and décor elements that unexpectedly match. It’s all about soul with a bit of edge.


Paint a Wall anything but White

Images via Pinterest


White and soft grey walls will always be elegant and foundational and promote more space. To this, adding a wall — or more — of colour can bring just a bit of drama into the framework for this social and vibrant room. It could be one bold or bright wall that pops with light and can be transformed throughout the days with clever placement of lamps and lighting. It could be all walls in a pastel shade that is gentle but in no ways shy. Or go with one rich hue from the spectrum of blues and greens that will always be soulful.


Velvet Couches are both New and Timeless

Images via Pinterest


Velvet is no longer only for special occasions. It is a sumptuous couch fabric that brings its luxurious history into a small space that can be as neat as it is suggestive. Choose a classic grey or dark blue couch that needs very little accompaniment to create a glamorous living space. Or embrace a rich, bright colour that will become a light heart of a room with limited natural light. And no need to hold back — a bold red velvet couch can feel gentle and spacious when it sits centrally among minimal and otherwise neutral décor.


One Colour Can Create Many Feels

Images via Pinterest


With one or several coloured walls, embrace a monotone approach to create the opposite effect — shades of diversity even when there’s limited room. Every colour has a spectrum to be explored — style a space with all the core pieces in several tones of blue, then bring a bit of pop in with just one bold or industrial accessory, such as a painting, a dramatic lamp or simply a well-stocked vase of flowers.


Or Go Two Tone with Abandon

Images via Pinterest


Do core elements of the living space in two gorgeous colours and allow the tones to tell a story that can play out and evolve along with the living space. Around these elements, choose shades of those heart colours for the rest of the décor — rugs and vases, lampshades and cushions — or go neutral and let the central tones dominate without effort.


Bring Layers (of Look and Character) with Abstract Art

Images via Pinterest


Into the vibrancy that your coloured walls create, bring soul and intrigue with abstract art. It can be geometric or voluptuous works that solidify the colour scheme and therefore crystallise the mindfulness of theme. Or infuse outside elements with extra shades and shapes, taking a little control by gently bringing the drama of life inside. Consider a central spot so that the art beats.


All images are sourced via Pinterest - click here to see originals and more inspired imagery


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