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One way to sidestep the big decisions of whether to go eclectic, luxe or scandi, is to do it all! Layering with textures is your chance to go wild with all the fabrics — from velvet and soft wools to silk and fine corduroy. And that’s just starting with the material. Then, there are worlds of patterning to play with. All of this means going wild with all the decor styles in the most tasteful and inviting ways.


Cushions are All About Fabric

Create cushion havens all over your home and spice up the usual cushion gathering with the spectrum of fabrics — mix printed or plain silk with stylish shaggy covers that create a cool-to-warm (not hot and cold) experience for anyone sinking into the couch they’re spread over. Pair bright velvet cushions with wooden dining chairs, and go for hand painted or patterned and printed crisp cotton cushions to pile up on super soft armchairs upholstered in rich, plain velvet. Lay down floor cushions for daytime dreams. Then in corners of all rooms, place baskets brimming with a medley of textured cushions that look like crafty sculptures and offer endless spontaneous chill out moments.


Bedrooms Are for A World of Experiences

A bedroom is a home away from home, even inside your home. Make that home your own micro version of the world combining exotic textures with the comfiest layered accessories. Consider a base contemporary style with Asian or Indian accents. Mix woven and embroidered wall hangings with painted canvases and match them subtly with the throws and cushions that dress your bed. Experiment with colour and patterns on all elements — wherever there is wood for a bedside table or shiny surfaces on a dresser or ensuite space, lay down an embroidered spread that provides flair and padding for all the essentials and knick-knacks that lay upon it.


In the Living Room, Layer for Intrigue and Comfort

This is the space to really get creative, coordinating textures and fabrics so that they look as though they were made for each other. For throws, cushions and wall hangings, bring in unexpected colours and patterns — like bright oranges, deep reds, and geometric designs that are popular in African or Moroccan décor — and weave them all in with more classic tones for your main pieces. Choose a solid couch cover that can be the canvas for rotating layered elements, from lush throws on top to a gorgeous hide or woven rug rolled out from under.


Create the Most Interesting Reading Corner

A reading corner is as much an aesthetic delight as an experience. Choose a window space or a tucked away corner, and yet decorate it so that all eyes — and backsides — will gravitate there. Upholster the central reading cushion in cool material such as fine cotton or even silk and choose a colour or pattern with flair so that there’s never a dull moment. Then layer with a world of throws and cushions in an ever so subtly mismatching colour scheme that complements each other like books on a shelf. Dot the space with accompanying ottomans that tell a story themselves and invite visitors to the reading nook. The only danger here is your books may take a back seat — you’ll be so cosy and inspired.


The Most Comfortable, Colourful Walls

Hanging a rug from a wall will instantly soften your space — and the more artistic you go with your rug choice, the quicker you’ll transport your guests. Wall hangings can cover a whole wall or choose two or three to invite in different vibes, different cultures, different feels that all go beautifully together. Curtains or swaths of lush, gorgeous fabric also work as wall coverings and can bring in drapey elements that help the rest of the space flow. Or combine wallpapers that gently complement each other and frame a room with a story or aesthetic to build on.


Experiment with fabric art and sculptures

Not all wall art is created equally. Try stretching favourite fabrics over canvas, rather than paint and create a mosaic of wall hangings that add depth to a blank wall. Also consider rich, padded materials such as yarn or felt as the heart of wall hangings or hanging sculptures that can become a motif throughout your rooms, adding texture with plenty of surprise.






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