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The Big Hallway Style Guide

Why you need to style your entrance hallway right

Hallways are often awkward spaces that are easy to overlook as we concentrate on other focus areas of the house. Whether you have a grand entrance room, or a small nook between the front door and the living room, follow these tips/ideas to help you make the most of your space. Here’s why styling your entrance hallway will make your home better:




1. DO Make a Good First Impression:

Not only is it the first impression your visitors will get when they enter your home, but it’s also the first place you see when you come home each day. Make it beautiful, stylish and functional. Give your guests a warm welcome, and give yourself a happy place to walk in to, and a reason to love your home. Add happy accents of pictures, rugs, mirrors, plants and decorator pieces that reflect your style.


2. DO Make it Functional:

The hallway can act as the perfect storage area, if it’s done right. A standout buffet, console table, or storage box can add valuable storage space for shoes, umbrellas, bags, and other items you bring home with you. Add a beautiful tray or dish to put phones, keys, notes or other small items into when you’re in a rush on your way in or out. Consider adding an occasional chair or stool where you can sit and put shoes on and off, or write a quick note. No space for a console? Take it vertical instead with wall shelves, work within the space you have. Make sure any furniture and rugs you use in this area is robust, as this is a high traffic area of the house.



3. DON’T Overdo it:

Clutter is the enemy of the hallway. Not only will it make the area feel smaller, it will impair functionality and create a sense of disharmony when you walk into the space. Keep it simple. Depending on the size of your entrance space, think statement piece of practical storage furniture, a nice picture or two, and an occasional chair if you have room. Go for narrow furniture where possible. A slim bench seat with under-storage, or a narrow console is ideal for the hallway.


4. DON’T Keep yourself in the dark:

Use mirrors and lighting to brighten up entrance areas. This will help make a welcoming first and last impression for you and your guests. Adding a couple of table lamps on the console table, or a fixed sconce lighting up the flooring area will make all the difference and will help add style and flair to the area.


All images sourced via Pinterest - click here to see originals and more styled imagery



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