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The Biggest Home Decor Mistakes You Can Make


They say that you can only learn from your mistakes, let's hope that this is true in terms of home decor and some of the biggest mistakes we have all made…or are still making! Whilst interior style is such a personal choice, there are some universal rules that should be adhered to that ensure we create not only beautiful interiors but ones that practical and aesthetically cohesive. To make sure that you have a home that works for you and not against you we have a list of the biggest home decor mistakes you can make so that you can avoid decor disaster.




Sure, that stark white linen lounge looks awe-inspiringly pristine and beautiful in the showroom but once you get it home the reality is that it will never look like that again! Whilst the appeal of all white upholstery is understandable in all its crisp, clean chicness the practicality of the matter is that well… It's just not that practical and even minimal daily wear will imbue those virginal white tones with a dingy tint in no time at all and that's without throwing kids, oblivious partners or animals into the mix. If you cant resist the call of the all-white aesthetic then perhaps invest in some easy to wash slipcovers and some industrial laundry whitener. 




We've all done it and pretty much all of us would like to forget about it, there really is always logic in patch testing a pot of paint colour before rolling a loaded roller right up your wall. No matter how great the colour looks in the paint showroom, or on the colour swatch, it's not until you have the exact pot of paint in your own home that has its very own distinct light and decor characteristics that you will know exactly what it will ACTUALLY LOOK LIKE. Find a little corner and paint a swatch onto your surface, let it dry fully and watch how the colour you like reacts to the changing light, other decor and pre-existing tones in your home before you commit to painting the whole wall. 




Think of the boldest, loudest item of clothing in your wardrobe, would you want to wear it every day? Most likely not. The same principle should apply when you're considering wallpaper for your home. While bold wallpaper is beautiful and can be amazing in the right setting, it is also a strong style statement to commit yourself too and can be incredibly impractical as trends move forwards and personal style evolves. Wallpaper can be tricky to swap out and can become a very costly exercise so it is always best to use caution when considering prints. If you are in love with the concept of feature wallpaper then stick to using it in more personal and inconspicuous areas such as walk-in wardrobes or powder rooms. 




Given that the dining table is one of the main places we gather in the home to relax, enjoy and converse it should go without saying that the furniture in this area should be not only beautiful but incredibly functional as well as comfortable. No matter how fabulous those plastic mid-century chairs look they are no good to anyone if they don't offer comfort and support to you and yours! Always test out dining chairs before buying them and ideally sample them with your dining table to ensure the dimensions suit each other. 




If there is one sure fire piece of furniture that will date or go out of trend quickly its a patterned or coloured lounge. When buying such a dominant piece of home furnishing always think neutral and add colour, pattern and texture via accent decor pieces. Cushions and throw blankets are an easy way to add the wow factor to your more neutral lounge and can be easily updated as trends and personal taste changes……that bright orange velour lounge is a little more permanent so always consider your choices wisely here! 




Fabulous and stylish homes take time, not just one brief shopping trip. To understand your home and create a cohesive interior aesthetic you need to gather, collect and curate lots of great pieces over a lifetime. There is no point filling your home with a mix match of pieces bought quickly and without consideration for each other just to achieve that fully furnished and completed home feeling, the truth is that you just won't feel it and neither will your home. Take your time and fall in love with the items that you place in your house as this is what makes it feel like YOUR PERFECT HOME. 




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