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The Dos And Don’ts Of All White Interior Design

Whether you call it modern minimalism, a Scandinavian saturation, or just a sheer love affair with neutrals, it's impossible to escape just how popular all-white interiors have become.

Choosing an all-white colour scheme may seem like the safe option, but there's a world of difference between a fabulously chic aesthetic and a stark, bland space. We're sharing our top dos and don'ts when decorating an all-white interior, so you can achieve all white perfection in your home.



DO choose the best colour whites for your home. It is essential to explore all the hues in the white family when decorating in all white as white is not actually a colour but a tone and believe it or not there are hundreds of variations and shades of white out there. To achieve a strong aesthetic and sophisticated all-white interior it is best to use a variation of white tones through a combination of paint, furnishings, decor and accessories. It's not a meter of choosing the perfect white for your home, it's about choosing a few perfect whites!


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DON'T go to extremes when painting with warm and cool whites. Too much of either end of the spectrum is sure to provide unsatisfying results.
Too warm and your interior will look very 90s soft yellow… too cool and it will look like a soft purple.
It is always wise not to mix warm, creamy whites with cool icy tones either, as the latter will tend to make the former look dirty and the creamy tones will make the cool ones look clinical and sterile.
Play the white colour spectrum game with respect, caution and sensibility and always ask for a sample before you commit to any major white painting plans.


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DO let pieces of art take centre stage among the white. One of the greatest assets of working with an all-white interior is the ability to showcase amazing pieces of art, sculpture or any other element that commands attention, without them having to compete with the colour on the walls, decor or furnishings. All eyes will be on your prized collection without you even having to try when you showcase them in an all white space, you will have your very own art gallery!


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DON'T be too perfect when working with all white, it's good to keep styling loose and informal. White as a tone does tend to have more serious and sterile connotations and vibes, therefore, it is imperative that you balance this with relaxed and gentle feels via your styling, furnishing and decor choices.

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DO white is fabulous at unifying a space. If you have a home that is a mishmash of different building materials or architectural elements then its always a good idea to give it all a coat or two of white paint to create cohesion and to bring it all together.

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DON'T paint your floorboards in fabulous shabby chic white and expect them to stay forever pristine! This is a high maintenance flooring option and one not for the faint-hearted. Either do it and choose a good quality topcoat for added protection and embrace the scuffs and imperfections or don't do it at all as it is sure to send you crazy!

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All images are sourced via Pinterest - click here to see originals and more styled imagery


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