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The Monochrome Palette

Choosing a monochrome interior is a minimalist stance, a refusal to get caught up in the drama of colour. For a monochromist, the rainbow is not an option, but there are infinite nuances of black, white and that in between colour, grey. White loves black, black loves white and exploiting their symbiotic relationship builds an interior that is timeless, flexible, practical and in many ways surprisingly liberating.


Monochromist's seem to divide into two camps, those who err on the brighter side, preferring shades of white, light flooded rooms, pale or bleached floors and a smattering of black for the details; and the others, who would happily swap day for night, veering towards darker neutrals and whom are unafraid of the liberal use of black, creating rooms that are as an enveloping as they are striking.

Committing to a monochromatic scheme might sound restrictive, but it actually allows considerable freedom to experiment with mixing pieces from different decades and styles, adding pattern and layering texture. If its all neutral, it all works together! We've rounded up some of the most inspiring monochromatic interiors to show just how beautiful black and white really can be.






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