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All You Need To Know About Modern Tribal Home Decor

The Dos and Don'ts of Tribal Style

In a world of fast-consumerism, adding tribal accents to your interior style reflects authenticity, a sense of hand-made craftsmanship and appreciation for different styles and cultures. Here’s how to get it right...




Accessories are where tribal decor comes to life. From rugs to decorative items and pictures, these are the pieces that give tribal character to a room. Gradually building the look with accessories is more affordable than splurging on new furniture, and accessories can be moved around easily to mix things up as time goes by. Items that lend themselves really well to the tribal look include wall-hangings, aztec rugs and fur throws or cushions, especially alongside statement indoor plants.


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Build the tribal look gradually, piece by piece. This look is all about authenticity and eclecticism, so rushing out to buy lots of tribal style pieces at once could impact this. Also if you’re collecting over time from a variety of sources, you’re more likely to end up with an eclectic non-matching mix of items, which adds authenticity to the overall look of your tribal styling.


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Pick up tribal style pieces from furniture stores, markets and of course overseas travels. Keep in mind the style you’re after and make it your mission to acquire pieces along the way. Pieces will hold extra value to your interiors if there’s a particular story behind them or you know something about the history.


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The beauty of tribal decor is that it fuses so well with other decor styles such as Scandi to create a clean and modern, interesting look. However, if you go overboard on the tribal, things could quickly start looking too heavy and cluttered. 


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