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The Psychology of Colour

It's not always black and white!

Colours play an important role in interior design and affect not only how our homes look, but also how we feel. Colours tell others a little bit more about who we are, and the general vibe of our personalities.

With such important impacts on the way we live, it is important what colours we choose and where we put them. Some studies show our reactions to certain colours affect moods, blood pressure, body temperature and even our appetites.

The highly individual nature of colours means it’s important to consider all the occupants of the house. Children perceive colour differently to adults, and tones of any one colour can promote either high impact or muted, relaxed surrounds.

Colours are generally warm or cool. Think orientation. Cooler hues are best for rooms facing the western sun. Warm hues are better for south facing rooms.

If you’ve got a stressful job, you might want cool toned interiors to contrast your house as a calm and relaxing sanctuary. Think pale blue, sea greens or even taupe for tranquility with an element of cosiness.


Pops of colour like yellow, orange or cinnamon lift the spirits and bring some good energy to your home. These are also colours associated with food, for décor in and around the kitchen. Red is also ideal to use in the kitchen and dining, though try to restrict it to splashes here and there to avoid lifts in heart rate and feelings of anger.


Blues and greys are ideal for bedrooms to promote calmness and sleep. These can be inert and less stimulating than warmer colours.


If you’re a little apprehensive introducing new, or too many colours into your home, try to use linen, curtains, cushions or décor items to test the effect it will have on the look and feel of your space.


Images via Pinterest.

For more inspiration bringing Colour to your home, check out our Colour Collection.

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