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Choosing outdoor furniture is tough especially when it comes to outdoor lounges, the options endless and often it's not a subject that we generally have a lot of knowledge on! We thought we would change this by sharing with you our expert tips on the most common and easy mistakes that you can make when selecting an outdoor lounge. We hope that you can avoid these mistakes when selecting your own lounge and create instead an outdoor haven that not only looks fabulous but is practical, hard wearing and perfect for your needs.



As with any furniture inside or out that you set off to buy the very first rule of thumb before you head out the door is to measure the available space that you have! Not taking the correct measurements with you when selecting your lounge can be a big mistake and you could end up with a too big/too small, too wide/too narrow lounge for your area. This is not such a problem if you are placing your outdoor lounge in a large open garden space but can become a monumental issue if you are purchasing a lounge for your deck/balcony/verandah or patio. Not having a lounge that is the correct space (even if by a few cm) can ruin the flow and hamper the movement of your outdoor area as it is a key piece of furnishing in this “room” - so always measure the available or designated space before you shop.



Sure its vital that your outdoor sofa is a continuation of the style tone that you have worked so beautifully to create in the interior of your home however just as the furnishings on the inside of your home need to also be practical, so do the ones featured in the exterior of your home! Don’t get caught up in just focusing only on the aesthetics and forgetting about practicality and comfort as at the end of the day no one needs or wants a lounge that is so uncomfortable they cant sit and relax on it, no matter how attractive it is!



Outdoor lounges are available in a myriad of different materials from cane to wood right through to metal and artificial wicker and if you don’t carefully pay attention to these material details you really are just throwing your money away! Outdoor lounges are exposed to all weather climates and conditions on a daily basis rain, extreme heat and humidity included, meaning that they bare the brunt of the elements and need to be made of durable and hard wearing materials that will withstand this exposure. Many people again get caught up in the looks and don’t think twice about selecting the wisest lounge material for the environment they live in. It is always best to opt for all-weather material and upholstery and select low maintenance finishes where possible for ease of use and upkeep.



Cheaper options are always appealing and there are many of them on the market, however, this can be an incredibly detrimental and ultimately more expensive choice in the long run. Cheaper outdoor lounges will not be constructed from high-quality materials nor will they be weather or rust resistant. Upholstery and fillings can often be flimsy and badly designed, offering no comfort or support on your outdoor lounge. Less expensive outdoor lounges do not adjust well to climatic change and you will soon find yourself replacing it no matter how well it has been maintained and cared for. It is always worth investing in high-quality outdoor furnishings especially a predominant piece such as an outdoor lounge so that it can offer its services for many, many years to come!!



It is often remarked that the exterior of the home should be an extension of the interior and in Australian homes, this is definitely true, we have embraced outdoor living with all our hearts! So much energy is put into creating the perfect aesthetics and styling inside the interior of a home and this should also continue into the outside space as well. It is vital creating cohesion between the interior furnishings and the exterior furnishings - if you have a scandi inspired interior it's is always best to bring those vibes outside and select an outdoor lounge that reflects the same tone that your interior lounge does. The same applies to colour if your interior is awash with neutral tones then keep to a similar colour palette when selecting your outdoor lounge and accessories for it. Confused styling will only result in an out of sync home so keep your interior style forefront of mind when selecting your perfect outdoor lounge.



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