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Top 10 Study Room Ideas

From a functional home office, to a small student’s study, our homes have never before been required to house our workspaces as they do today. Whatever your needs or space availability, from a small corner nook, to a vast professional studio space, there’s no reason why working or studying from home can’t reflect who – and how stylish – you are!


1. A Professional & Comfortable Space 

The two most basic elements of a practical home office or study is the space should be as professional as required and as comfortable as possible. While we each interpret ‘professional’ differently, aim to create a space that makes you feel both professional and comfortable, and then ask yourself if you would be happy to be seen by clients, colleagues (or your boss!) in the space. As for comfort, this is a non-negotiable element if you plan to be productive.


2. Space Saving Home Offices

Many workers were caught out during the early days of the pandemic’s work from home orders. The kitchen table may have cut it for a while, but with a creative eye you can create a working corner nook in a living room, or even use a built-in storage unit that allows a chair to comfortably fit under the lowest shelf. Never under-estimate the power of imagination!


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3. The Form & Function Rule

What functions do you need to work most effectively? Note what your must-have items are required to set up your workspace, then consider what form you would like those essential items to take. The trick with form and function always comes down to a balance of what inspires you and what is necessary to achieve your goals.


4. Home Study / Office – Shelving & Other Storage Ideas

As with planning any space you will need to consider what you need and how best to store those items. Thankfully many workspaces are now paperless, freeing up precious real estate, but storing technology has its own challenges. Look for clever storage hacks to de-clutter cables and power boards for a start, while shelving, drawers and filing cabinets can help to minimise any other visual distractions.  



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5. When Stylish Solutions Matter

You may work as a stylist, or for a respected designer, or for a publishing house, so naturally you would want your home workspace to not only be functional, but to reflect your professional style. Be true to your personal taste and trust that substance can be stylish. There are no rules that desks need to be drab, or office chairs only ugly and thankfully designers know this today. And if it’s a home office, remember, you’re the boss.


6. Must Have Home Study Desks  

There are so many lush tables available, this choice isn’t hard. The important element is choosing a table that is the right size and height for you to comfortably work on. If space is a premium, choose a table to fit and one that includes storage options.


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7. Chairs for Comfort

Possibly the most functionally important item in any workspace, the more ergonomically comfortable your chair, the better your overall posture and health will be. As a guide, when seated, your elbow, bent at 90 degrees should rest on the table (or keyboard) with your back straight. The height of the chair should allow your knees to be bent – also at 90 degrees – and your feet should rest flat on the floor. 


8. Make it a Motivating Space

Motivation is important to all of us, but it also differs greatly. If you’re visual – and most of us are driven to some degree by this sense – shoot for what inspires you, be it colour or a piece of decor or furniture that inspires you or evokes great memories. Other motivating senses you can stimulate are your sense of sound with the addition of music or your sense of smell by adding a fragrant candle.  


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9. Keeping Your Home & Work Life Separate

This is the Holy Grail of many homes today. Just how much do you want your work life to bleed into your personal life? If space is a factor, there are several clever hacks, starting with adding an attractive screen. Other items that can border off your workspace include strategically placing a tall bookshelf, a cabinet or even a row of plants to section off the professional from the personal.


10. Adequate Lighting for Your Home Study / Office

Like an ergonomically correct chair is paramount, so too is adequate lighting in any workspace. Your first assessment is to evaluate the amount of natural light available. If there is an abundance, that’s great, though you may need to temper it with blinds or other shading. If not, there’s no shortage of artificial lighting, from table lamps, floor lamps and more, though always aim to have easy access and control as to the direction and intensity of the light. 



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