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Velvet is a gorgeously rich fabric with an equally rich history, a staple in the wardrobes of the esteemed upper classes, velvet is treasured for its grandeur and luxurious finish. Traditionally made of silk, it first entered popular consciousness in the 13th century, as it travelled on the legendary Silk Road from the Far East to Italy. Distinguished by its short dense pile and capacity to maintain abundantly coloured dyes, velvet has been used for centuries to cover anything from carriage upholstery, to ecclesiastical vestments and palace interiors. Today velvet is crafted from a variety of different fibres, making it far more accessible to anyone looking to indulge in its luxury.

Velvet bed heads are making a splash in the interior design world these days. The weightiness, sheen and warmth of the material create a feeling of distinguished opulence, adding a regal and seductive element to any bedroom. Depending on the colour you choose to play around with, velvet bed heads are a flexible bedroom accessory that can range from bold to subtle, bringing about a unique element of sophistication and class to your sanctuary space...



Jewelled tones are all the rage this year and what better way to add a splash of colour to your bedroom than by choosing a statement piece in warm velvet. A velvet bed head offers a fabulous opportunity to inject colour, texture and style into your room. The soft and cosy quality of the fabric creates a wonderful sheen and depth of colour, adding a distinct layer of personality and elegance to your space. Deep jewel tones in Emerald green, Ruby red, and Sapphire blue, create an instant “wow” factor and play beautifully against neutrals. For added depth and dimension, pair your jewelled bed head with a multicoloured throw, offset with neutral linens and complementary earth tones. Think in combinations of threes for the perfect colour combination: Navy blue and gold pair exquisitely well with Emerald green. This modern bedroom features a garnet bed head with white and gunmetal bedding. 


50 shades of Grey

If boldly coloured bed heads aren’t your cup of tea, the right shade of grey might be what tickles your fancy. Grey can have calming, elegant or even electrifying effect on the style of your room. It’s a flexible colour that comes in an array of hues, from subtle and pale to deeply rich. It works equally well to cosy up small spaces or to make a large room feel inviting, and pairs back easily with a mix of neutral tones. Whether it’s a feature tone or a more neutral grey, it’s fairly easy to match your linens to a grey velvet headboard. The colour grey contrasts beautifully with light and dark colours and mixes easily with multiple textures. 


Ice Ice Baby

Nothing catches light more beautifully than icy hues, from powder blue to ballet pink, icy hues are clearer and brighter than pastels, their sheen most perfectly captured in velvet. Cool enough to give your bedroom interior a modern or contemporary edge, and soft enough to bring a lovely whimsical quality to your space, icy hues can make a big impression in a very clean and subtle way. Choose and maintain a consistent colour palette around your icy hue, paying attention to smaller details such as matching hardware and wood tones. Glass and metal frames match this style particularly well as light bounces off each texture, shimmering across every surface. Pair your icy-hued bed head with a matching statement wall, a fur throw, beaded pillows and tasselled finishes for a more opulent look. Layering this bed head with other textural fabrics, like linen, gives your room a more casual feel. 


Go For Extra Padding

Upholstered bed heads are a favourite these days and look beautiful in thicker fabrics such as velvet or linen. Visually they anchor a room perfectly, functionally, they’re great for blocking out sound, which is extra handy for rooms without carpet. In terms of comfort, they’re the perfect back support, providing additional cushioning for bedtime reading and lounging out. 






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