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Coffee Tables

The coffee table is the shining star in any living room and is a great way to make a style statement in your home. A coffee table not only looks spectacular but is also the perfect, practical accessory, providing depth and function within your living room space.
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Equator Coffee Table

Our Price $1,089.00
RRP $1680

Jacques Coffee Table Nickel

Our Price $1,239.00
RRP $1910

Jacques Coffee Table Gold

Our Price $1,239.00
RRP $1910

Zak Coffee Table

Our Price $529.00
RRP $700

Abbey Coffee Table

Our Price $445.00
RRP $615

Stamford Black Coffee Table

Our Price $1,299.00
RRP $2390

Champagne Coffee Table

Our Price $369.00
RRP $495

Blaze Coffee Table

Our Price $789.00
RRP $1055

Russo Coffee Table

Our Price $789.00
RRP $1055

Archie Coffee Table

Our Price $759.00
RRP $1175

Chloe Coffee Tables Set/2

Our Price $2,349.00
RRP $3610

Cocktail Round Coffee Table Antique Gold

Our Price $1,199.00
RRP $1840

Primo Coffee Table Round

Our Price $1,119.00
RRP $1815

Portia Round Coffee Table

Our Price $1,309.00
RRP $2065

Cornelius Round Coffee Table

Our Price $1,279.00
RRP $2075
Free Delivery

Fitzgerald Coffee Tables Set/2

Our Price $629.00
RRP $740

Tanner Coffee Tables Set/2

Our Price $559.00
RRP $885

Fairbanks Coffee Table Nest/2

Our Price $549.00
RRP $785

Supernova Coffee Table

Our Price $789.00
RRP $1055

Terrance Coffee Table

Our Price $859.00
RRP $1195
Free Delivery

Joshua Coffee Table

Our Price $1,649.00

Aragon Coffee Table

Our Price $789.00
RRP $1055

Harper Faux Concrete Coffee Table

Our Price $249.00
RRP $345

Fifth Cocktail Table Brass and Marble

Our Price $1,449.00
RRP $1995

Fifth Cocktail Table Nickel and Marble

Our Price $1,449.00
RRP $1995

The coffee table that you select should work to accentuate your style and offer the perfect finishing touch. Here at Interiors online, we pride ourselves in our vast collection of coffee table styles and designs ranging from modern glass coffee table and metal options right through to incredible, exclusive wooden varieties. Bring your living room interior to life with one of our timeless and unique designer coffee tables.

Coffee Tables Questions And Answers


Coffee tables are available in such a wide variety of shapes and sizes that determining the perfect size option for your space can seem impossible! There are however some steadfast rules that are here to guide you through the process. The width of a coffee table can vary according to your own personal preference and your interior layout, but from an aesthetic perspective, it is always best to keep between 10-18 inches of free space either side of your coffee table and the sides of your lounge or any other surrounding furniture. The height of your lounge should always be level with that of your lounge seating cushion height, if you select a lounge with a lip, ensure that the lip does not sit higher than any adjacent seating. It is essential to remember when selecting the perfect coffee table that the idea is to put things down, rather than up!


The coffee table named as we know it can trace its origins all the way back to 17th century Europe. At this time in Europe a high, round table was commonly used to serve tea in the sitting rooms and parlours of Europes noble houses and was aptly named the TEA TABLE. It is believed that the coffee table is derived from this concept, however, unlike the tea table, it is traditionally a long, lower table. In the 1920s a furniture designer for the Imperial furniture company named J. Stuart. Foole designed the first ever commercial coffee table and it was named so due to the rise in popularity of coffee as the beverage de jour, it is thought that the tables low height made it easier for people to rest their cups of coffee on and much like the object, the name has been a household staple ever since.


Selecting the perfect coffee table for your living room interior is a difficult design decision with many factors needing to be taken into consideration. The basics when choosing can be broken down into three areas, shape, height and material. When beginning your selection process look firstly at what shape is best suited to your space, interior layout, and pre-existing furniture. Very long lounges generally work best with rectangular or oval shaped coffee tables whilst ultra modern and sectional lounges are best paired back with square or round shaped tables. Round coffee tables are ideal for softening sharp lines within your living room and offer a great way to add a unique shape to an otherwise harsh look. When selecting a coffee table it is key to keep lounge cushion seating height front of mind as this will help you to determine the perfect height for your table. It is generally best to look for a coffee table height that is equal to that of your seating cushion height, however, if you have an ultra low lounge or are wanting to impart those relaxed vibes then opt for a lower than a normal table. Taller is an option, however, it is always best to keep the diameter to a minimum to help balance the composition within your space. There is such a wide variety of materials that coffee tables are constructed in and choosing the ideal option for you can be overwhelming! It is best to consider how you will use your table and how much traffic it will see. If you are forever placing hot mugs of coffee and tea on your coffee table then wood may not be the best option for you unless you have a steady supply of coasters at hand, opt instead for a stone or glass variety. If you have small children then steer clear of glass as it can be dangerous and you will be forever cleaning your coffee table surface. Ideally, choose a material that compliments both your interior aesthetic and your lifestyle.


The true answer to this question is no. A coffee table should never be higher than your couch. The purpose of a coffee table is to offer a space on which things can be put down whether it be magazines, hot coffee or vases of flowers, you should never be putting things up on your coffee table. If you need a variety of different heights within your living rooms space then opting for a set of nesting tables is a good alternative as it will allow you to have a slightly higher table within your coffee table range. Your nesting tables tallest height option should not be higher than your lounge height though! End tables are another alternative to coffee tables and are often of a taller nature, they do not serve the same purpose within your living space nor do they sit in the same functional position that a coffee table does, however, if you need height they can offer a solution to your quandary in a stylish manner.

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