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Dining Tables

Ensure your dining table is the heart of your home with the perfect dining table from Interiors Online. From entertaining to homework the dining table is a core piece of household furniture that needs to be multifunctional as well as stylish and in tune with the aesthetics of your interior.
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Andriano Dining Table

Our Price $2,199.00

Mannix Dining Table 180cm

Our Price $1,069.00
RRP $1695

Mannix Dining Table 300cm

Our Price $1,649.00
RRP $2725

Lynne Dining Table Marble

Our Price $2,435.00
RRP $3250

Lynne Dining Table Clear Glass

Our Price $1,375.00
RRP $1835

Masa Dining Table Natural 200cm

Our Price $1,445.00
RRP $1925

Masa Dining Table Glass 200cm

Our Price $1,115.00
RRP $1545

Masa Dining Table White 180cm

Our Price $889.00
RRP $1235

Masa Dining Table White 200cm

Our Price $909.00
RRP $1260

Met Dining Table Oak/Stainless 180cm

Our Price $2,629.00
RRP $3520

Met Dining Table Oak/Stainless 220cm

Our Price $3,079.00
RRP $4100

Met Dining Table Oak/White 180cm

Our Price $2,249.00
RRP $2999

Met Dining Table Oak/White 200cm

Our Price $2,699.00
RRP $3600

Mia Dining Table 180cm

Our Price $1,765.00
RRP $2450

Mia Dining Table 220cm

Our Price $1,979.00
RRP $2735

Lilia Dining Table Black Glass

Our Price $1,259.00
RRP $1725

Stainless Steel Dining Table 180cm

Our Price $1,519.00
RRP $2200
Free Delivery

Purity Dining Table

Our Price $1,749.00
RRP $1975
Free Delivery

Ebony Dining Table

Our Price $1,749.00

Masters Dining Table 185cm

Our Price $869.00
RRP $1395

Stick Dining Table 180cm

Our Price $839.00
RRP $1245

Wyn Extendable Dining Table

Our Price $1,399.00
RRP $2205

Wyn Dining Table

Our Price $979.00
RRP $1575

Selecting the right dining table is integral to the homes overall aesthetic and appeal. Within the Interiors online dining table collection we have a style to suit every interior, whether it is a round or square shaped table in a design category ranging from French provincial right through to scandi the options are endless and the possibilities are inspiring. Complete your dining room interior today with a beautiful dining table from Interiors Online.

Dining Tables Questions And Answers


Like the majority of other essential household furniture items, the dining table has a recommended standard height measurement. Whilst individual styles may vary slightly and custom built tables provide flexibility within this measurement, you will find that across the board most dining tables are of a consistent height. In Australia the standard dining table height is 76cm, this allows maximum room for dining chairs to comfortably fit under the table and a person to sit on them unobstructed whilst at the table. This measure, ent also takes into account average population height, resulting in a dining table that is a comfortable height to dine, gather and work at.


Decorating your dining table when it is not in use is a fabulous way to maximise space and add a little personal style into your interiors. Whether you place a few bowls laden with in-season fruit casually on the top, an oversized vase of freshly cut florals or perhaps a plant or two for an inspired touch of indoor greenery. Candles can be a fabulous addition to any tabletop and are instantly available when you feel the need to add some ambience to your dining room. Seasonal decorating for Christmas, Easter or any other occasion is another beautiful way to use your dining table top, think natural, whimsy and minimal when it comes to seasonal table decorating! The possibilities really are endless when it comes to concepts for decorating your table but as Coco Chanel once said "always take one thing off before you leave the house"...and I believe the same can be said for placing bits and pieces on your empty table top, keep it paired back and not too cluttered! Be inspired to create something beautiful in your home on your dining table


This is quite a complex question and one that requires much forethought and a little math. Here are the basics measurements for the required space needed for each person at a dining table. As a standard across the board measurement for round square and rectangular tables it is always best to allow 600mm per person, allow an additional 600-800mm to the length of the table if you want seats at the ends to allow for leg room or with round tables this will account for room to push the chairs in.


A dining table is one of the most integral pieces of furniture you will buy for your home. Not only does it need to be incredibly functional but it also needs to work with the aesthetics and style of your home interior. It really is the centrepiece of the home where friends, family and loved ones gather, talk and enjoy each other’s company. It is essential to choose a well-crafted dining table made from high-quality materials so that it ages with you and lasts you for many years to come. A dining table should not be an impulse buy, it is essential to take your time and consider the options carefully after all it is an investment piece. Before you begin shopping there are a few things that should be considered. SIZE: Whether you like to entertain or your just after a table for two, a basic consideration in selecting a perfect dining table is to work out ideally how many people you would like to sit comfortably around your table at any given time and if this is realistic in the space that you have. Choosing your table size should be based firstly on the size of your room keeping in mind that people will need room to circulate within the space and pull chairs in and out. As a general rule of thumb leave 90cm between the table and walls or other furnishings in the space. It is also important to consider table height vs chair height, standard table height is 76cm but if you have chairs already then you may need to take their measurement with you when you go shopping to make sure there is a minimum of 20cm between seat top and tabletop height. SHAPE: As with room size, your dining table shape will be dictated mostly by the room that it is going in. Most spaces will suit a rectangular shaped table which allows the most flexibility in terms of space vs the number of seats. Round or oval tables are often favourable as they suit smaller spaces and their shape means there is no defined head of the table! They are fabulous for conversational flow and intimate dinners. Square tables are best for larger rooms as they tend to require a lot of space.If you are selecting a large square table, keep in mind the number of people regularly dining. And for those going for a smaller square, just remember you won’t be able to push all the chairs in, so you’ll need to allow for a little extra room for them to sit out. MATERIAL: If you want a dining table to last a lifetime, choosing hardwood over materials like MDF or engineered timber is best. It may be a little cheaper to buy, but they won’t be as strong and durable as a solid timber table. Solid timber also ages well and over time the table will develop character and tell stories of rowdy dinner parties, growing children, and many delightful occasions. Glass can work well in modern spaces and those lacking in room because it allows light to filter through and visually, it isn’t too heavy. Unfortunately, glass will incur some scratches and doesn’t pair well with little fingers. Marble is another option for a strong dining table that will last and work well in both a contemporary and traditional setting. Pay close attention to the table sealant, as a nasty red wine stain will ruin the entire top. Also, consider how often you might move, marble is not only extremely heavy, it’s also costly. So you wouldn’t want to take the risk of dropping or knocking the top very often. STYLE: The last thing to consider when shopping for a dining table is the style of table that will suit your space. This is an entirely personal choice although it is vital you take into consideration preexisting decor in your home, your predominant interior aesthetic and your functional needs.

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