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Industrial Furniture

Featuring clean lines, raw materials, and strong designs, Industrial furniture is a must have to create a unique and edgy warehouse aesthetic at home. Transform any interior into an industrial-inspired space with our wide range of furniture crafted from reclaimed timber, weathered metals, and bold iron.
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Newport Buffet

Our Price $1,949.00
RRP $2530

Newport Buffet 2 Doors

Our Price $1,299.00
RRP $1680

Newport Side Table

Our Price $475.00
RRP $615

Newport TV Unit 3 Drawer

Our Price $1,149.00
RRP $1495

Ocean Open TV Unit

Our Price $759.00
RRP $985

Ocean Sideboard

Our Price $2,219.00
RRP $2890

Ocean TV Dresser

Our Price $939.00
RRP $1220

Ocean 3 Drawer Dresser

Our Price $789.00
RRP $1030

Ocean Tallboy 6 Drawers

Our Price $1,149.00
RRP $1495

Industrial Ladder for Bookcase

Our Price $239.00
RRP $335

Industrial Tripod Bookcase

Our Price $799.00
RRP $1150

Cast Iron Round Coffee Table

Our Price $535.00
RRP $870

Paris Round Occasional Table

Our Price $289.00
RRP $400

Industrial 3 Tier Bookshelf

Our Price $789.00
RRP $1095

Industrial Farmers Bookcase-100cm

Our Price $1,045.00
RRP $1395

Tractor Bar Stool

Our Price $199.00
RRP $305

Brooklyn Soma Console

Our Price $1,049.00
RRP $1405

Yardstick Stool

Our Price $109.00
RRP $145

Laptop Table

Our Price $165.00
RRP $220

2 Tone TV Unit 155cm

Our Price $870.00
RRP $1150

Loft Display Unit 4 Shelves

Our Price $1,229.00
RRP $1600

Halo Cast Iron Wind Up Stool

Our Price $139.00
RRP $240

Tube Breakfast Stool with Back

Our Price $215.00
RRP $295

Barrel Frame Stool/Side Table Aqua

Our Price $145.00
RRP $185

Twist Stool

Our Price $199.00
RRP $265

CJ Double Bookcase

Our Price $1,569.00
RRP $2095

Detroit Bench

Our Price $675.00
RRP $905

Industrial furniture is the ultimate in hard wearing, edgy style. Fusing tough materials with distressed finishes and rustic accents it is a surefire way to make a bold interior statement. To ensure that you create an aesthetic that is less factory in feel and more industrial chic in style, our Industrial furniture range offers a carefully curated selection of all the essential pieces you will need to add some industrial edginess into your home.

Industrial Furniture Questions And Answers

What is Industrial Style?

It’s the utilitarian interior style that's all about rough edges and raw materials. Industrial design furniture has an on-trend edgy feel that looks set to continue to be popular for years to come. Fusing organic and engineered materials, industrial is both bold and refined. Industrial-style furniture is often associated with loft apartments and more masculine interior design, but it is actually so versatile that it can fit with many different interior styles, which contributes to its popularity.

If you want to include Industrial-style furniture in your interior mix, look for rustic exposed weathered or distressed finishes, which will often include faded but solid timber usually teamed with wrought iron or steel. Using tough raw materials, Industrial furniture has a vintage, salvaged look about it, often featuring historic brand markings which help contribute to it’s nostalgic and unique feel. One of the reasons for the enduring popularity of Industrial-style furniture in Australia is its old world appeal, which effortlessly adds charm, character and a sense of quality to interiors.

Some of the Industrial furniture Australia favours includes industrial desks, industrial coffee tables, industrial coat racks, industrial-style drum side tables, industrial bedside tables, industrial sideboards, and buffets.

What is industrial style furniture?

Industrial-style furniture fits into the design category of “industrial”, a trend that has been gaining momentum in interior design in recent years. The industrial style is inspired by old factories and industrial warehouses converted into living spaces. Typically the style includes aged and weathered materials such as exposed brick, weathered timber, aged iron or steel, and any other rustic components you might expect to find in an old industrial factory.

Industrial furniture takes its cue from this style, comprising bold, heavy style designs which feature similar rustic materials. Popular industrial-style furniture pieces include bookshelves, coffee tables, side tables, bar stools and TV units. These are often used alongside industrial-style home decor pieces such as lighting made from brass, copper or steel.

Leather sofas in rustic colours are often used in an industrial style living room as they pair well with the strong masculine look of the industrial style.

How to decorate with industrial furniture?

Adding a piece of Industrial furniture to a room will transform it from ordinary to something more eclectic. This is because texture adds character, and Industrial furniture characteristically features knocks and bumps and signs of wear as part of it’s aesthetic.

Decide whether you want to opt for a strong industrial look, or whether you want to add industrial pieces to other styles. An industrial-style piece of furniture tends to be bolder and stronger looking than other furniture styles, so don’t use it unless you want to draw attention to that part of the room.

Match Industrial furniture pieces such as industrial-style coffee tables, industrial-style bookshelves, industrial-style side tables and industrial-style bar stools, with industrial-style decor such as mirrors, lighting, and salvaged pieces, to complete the industrial look. When adding a rug, opt for muted, faded styles that will complement the distressed industrial aesthetic, rather than modern patterned rugs.

What is industrial home style?

Typically industrial home style is comprised of strong pieces of furniture that fit the “industrial style” aesthetic. Industrial-style furniture has elements of industrial warehouse design, with tough materials of wrought iron, hard-wearing weathered wood, leather, and distressed finishes. It’s the ultimate in rustic chic style.

Industrial home style implies a strong presence of Industrial furniture pieces. This style is often fused with other styles such as mid-century modern or scandi, but it can also be used as a predominant style by itself. Industrial style dominant homes feature rustic colours with bold furniture pieces and decor. As classic industrial style has its roots in large open warehouses, the hallmark of an industrial style home is an open plan layout. It is often associated with loft and apartment living, although it is versatile enough to be found in any home.

Industrial home style will typically comprise more masculine home decor as well as industrial furniture. You might find hessian or leather cushions, wrought iron mirrors, steel lights, aged glass accessories, quirky salvaged vintage pieces such a typewriters, and natural material or faded Persian rugs. Industrial style flooring might be exposed polished concrete or weathered looking flooring as you might expect to find in an old warehouse.

Lastly, industrial style is not a one-size-fits-all type of home decor. Within the realms of what is classed as industrial style there is much variety that can be adapted to your tastes from a more modern polished look to full rustic steampunk, and everything in between.

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