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Outdoor Art

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Billy The Goat Medium

Our Price $315.00
RRP $435

Henry The Horse Medium

Our Price $315.00
RRP $435

Sid The Sheep Large

Our Price $375.00
RRP $520

Priscilla The Pig Large

Our Price $259.00
RRP $435

Billy the Goat Planter

Our Price $339.00
RRP $470

Bruce the Bull Planter

Our Price $225.00
RRP $399

Clarence the Cow Planter Large

Our Price $349.00
RRP $485

Clarence the Cow Planter Medium

Our Price $269.00
RRP $375

Boo the Scarecrow Large

Our Price $359.00
RRP $499

Boo the Scarecrow Small

Our Price $279.00
RRP $390

Butterfly Framed Wall Panel

Our Price $195.00
RRP $270

Magnolia Bud Wire Sculpture

Our Price $2,995.00

Human Wire Sculpture

Our Price $1,489.00

Forest Partition Large

Our Price $2,165.00

Dive Wall Art Set/4

Our Price $389.00

Summersault Sculpture

Our Price $395.00

Flower Sculpture on Plinth

Our Price $1,249.00

Autumn Cube Sculpture

Our Price $1,149.00

Flying Butterfly Terrier

Our Price $315.00
RRP $435

Flying Butterfly Stallion

Our Price $369.00
RRP $510

Butterfly Sphere Small

Our Price $160.00
RRP $215

Butterfly Sphere Large

Our Price $209.00
RRP $290

Flower Ball Sculpture

Our Price $2,279.00

Marbles Set/3

Our Price $2,749.00


Our Price $1,149.00

Pear Sculpture

Our Price $1,139.00

Ginko Sculpture

Our Price $2,499.00

Boab Sculpture Small

Our Price $1,549.00

Leaves Light Pole

Our Price $1,529.00

Sea Fan Triptych Wall Panels

Our Price $2,799.00

Seaweed Trio Wall Panel

Our Price $1,149.00

Fish Wave Panel Rust

Our Price $1,399.00

Grape Vine Wall Panel

Our Price $1,799.00

Hakea Wall Panel

Our Price $1,799.00

Mercury Rising 15 Piece Set

Our Price $1,005.00
RRP $1395

Mercury Rising 30 Piece Set

Our Price $1,655.00
RRP $2295

Dragonfly Wall Panel

Our Price $609.00

The Murray Wall Panel

Our Price $1,899.00

Polarized Tree Panel

Our Price $1,799.00

Branch Winter Wall Panel

Our Price $1,219.00

Branch Summer Wall Panel

Our Price $1,329.00

Large Blossom Wall Panel

Our Price $1,789.00
Weatherproof canvas outdoor art is ideal for patios, courtyards, sunrooms, gardens, exterior walls, verandas, fences and more, providing a simple and beautiful way to add colour and ambiance all year round. The special coated polyester canvas is durable enough to withstand the most extreme conditions.

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