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Scandi Style / Scandinavian Furniture

Welcome to the Scandinavian Decorating Style, where you will discover an exquisite range of quality tables, chairs, furniture and decorating accessories to create a unique Scandinavian look
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Chelsea Desk Lamp White

Our Price $129.00
RRP $185

Freja Retro 3 Drawer Bedside Table

Our Price $269.00
RRP $370

Jelly Bean Dining Chair Charcoal

Our Price $159.00
RRP $215
Free Delivery

Arctic Bedside Table

Our Price $880.00
Free Delivery

Evie Table Lamp Pair

Our Price $389.00
RRP $460
Free Delivery

Nordic Writing Desk

Our Price $1,815.00
Free Delivery

Scandic Bench

Our Price $1,100.00

Cruz Aero Desk/Console

Our Price $619.00
RRP $999

Madison TV Stand

Our Price $329.00
RRP $460

Round White/Natural Coffee Table

Our Price $649.00
RRP $865

Thornton Sofa Dusty Blue

Our Price $1,819.00
RRP $2730

Barton Extension Dining Table

Our Price $919.00
RRP $1550

Benson Entertainment Unit Walnut

Our Price $1,475.00
RRP $2275

Carlton Extension Dining Table

Our Price $1,029.00
RRP $1495

Cruz Side Table

Our Price $295.00
RRP $490

Cruz Sideboard

Our Price $1,135.00
RRP $1795

Cruz Tallboy

Our Price $795.00
RRP $1295

Cruz TV Unit

Our Price $935.00
RRP $1530

Cruzing Desk

Our Price $629.00
RRP $1030
Free Delivery

Denon Bedside Table

Our Price $792.00

Freja Retro 1 Drawer Bedside Table

Our Price $199.00
RRP $280

Hexagonal White/Natural Coffee Table

Our Price $649.00
RRP $865

Jelly Bean Dining Chair Purple

Our Price $159.00
RRP $215

Jelly Bean Dining Chair Red

Our Price $159.00
RRP $215

Kiefer Coffee Table

Our Price $1,219.00
RRP $1695
Free Delivery

Scion Spike Marine 26808 Rug

Our Price $485.00
RRP $900

The latest trend in decorating is the Scandinavian or Scandi style as it is popularly described. It is a design movement that emerged in the 1950’s based on the principles of clean minimalism, simplicity and functionality with affordability over the excesses of luxury being its priority.

Scandi Style / Scandinavian Furniture Questions And Answers

What is Scandinavian interior design?

Scandinavian interior design is very often characterized by Mid-century designers such as Wegner, Aalto and Jacobsen who produced furniture and lighting that remain timeless and relevant to today’s fuss free living. The main difference between Mid-century design and Scandinavian style is that the former explores darker tones whereas Scandi style aims to maximise lightness. The hallmarks are natural materials, such as pressed wood plastics, anodized or enamelled, pale colours and slimline, leggy furniture. Floorboards showcasing rugs, rather than wall to wall carpet are an important feature, with walls and ceilings painted white or cool grey or often clad to add texture and warmth. Colourful geo textiles from pastel to bolder hues provide accent whilst accessories should be few and relevant.

To create the essence of Scandinavian Style ensure that there is balance and restraint, keeping lines clean in both furniture and architecture. There is no room for clutter as the Scandinavian style is all about liveability.

What are the new trends in Scandinavian Furniture?

In the year ahead Scandi interior style shows no sign of abating. Some of the trends we can look forward to seeing predominate the market are; A move away from the chevron patterns of the past- finally- and a new obsession with all things striped. To keep this trend in Scandi territory it is best to avoid navy and stick to either grey or black tones and always place your striped goods into a contemporary setting to avoid that nautical look. Mirrors are a huge new trend in the scandi world and can be used en masse in a variety of different shapes, sizes, and colours to help create a sense of immense space within your home interior. Large and oversized rugs are being welcomed into the scandi world and are perfect when used to frame everything from dining tables to sofas in an especially luxurious way, ensure you keep your rugs in neutral tones or natural finishes so as to stay true to the Scandi aesthetic. Whilst leather in scandi design is nothing new, the year ahead will see a huge trend towards worn leather being used in furnishings, think rustic without looking antique and for added Scandi chic, throw a sheepskin over the leather. This new obsession with worn leather is most likely a scandified reaction to the American obsession with Mid-century modern design. The final hot trend in Scandi furniture design is storage pieces designed to be used as decor. Those shelves and baskets you used to hide away are now considered artwork themselves especially when cleverly designed in the Scandi aesthetic. Think designer clothes racks and statement kitchen organisers, hows that for chic!!

What words do you use to describe Scandinavian style?

Scandi design is one of the most popular interior design styles in today's modern world and its a trend that is sure to stay relevant for many years to come. When describing Scandinavian style it is important to note the keywords that exist within this style as they are the real definers of this aesthetic. NATURAL- is a word often used when referencing Scandinavian design and interior style. This pays homage to the Nordic love of the natural elements and also the materials typically used within the scandi look. Think wood, leather, and animal hides mixed with plenty of natural textiles. The word LIGHT- is a word used frequently in scandi interior design and this is due to the predominant use of natural light in Scandinavian architecture as well as the strong use of white colour tones within the scandi aesthetic. STYLISTICALLY PURE- is another phrase I would use to describe Scandi style due to its typically uncluttered and simplistic, sometimes minimalist approach to interior decorating. A keyword within Scandi style is FUNCTIONALITY- Functionality his an integral component within scandal design, everything placed in a scandal sale home should always serve at least one purpose if not more, there is no room for “fluff” in this aesthetic.

How to get the scandi look in your home?

Fortunately, this is incredibly easy aesthetic to achieve in your home. Start by creating the right foundation for your look, in the Scandi style this means white walls and neutral wooden or concrete flooring. Add in clean lined, no fuss, well-designed furniture in neutral tones of white, black, grey or timber and you can even include some well-worn leather (but steer clear of antique looking leather pieces) Keep furnishings to a minimum and all pieces must be highly functional, remember this a no fuss aesthetic! Once your furnishings are in begin to layer natural materials throughout your home using plenty of different textures to create visual contrast. Think sheepskins, hides, linen, cotton and knitted woolen throws. Hang some larger scale statement black and white artwork, photography or prints and if hanging them isn't your thing then lean them against a wall for a truly scandi vibe. Fill your home with plenty of subtle timber accents to add warmth and organic texture, think wooden stools, leather strapped wooden hanging shelves or timber nesting coffee tables. Don't forget to include plenty of indoor greenery in every room in the home, from hanging baskets to planter stands, indoor green is a must have in the scandi aesthetic. Scandi interiors are full of natural light and you can emulate this look by including plenty of lighting in your home, from table lamps to candles right through to exposed bulbs or delicate timber pendants add in all the lighting you can! Last but not least do not forget to add a rug, a good scandi interior is not complete without one. Think neutral and natural where possible, jute and sisal options are perfect choices for this look but cowhides can also look beautiful in a Scandinavian inspired interior.

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