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A decorative trunk is an eye-catching addition to any interior whilst adding exquisite worldly charm and personality into your home.
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Miami Chest/ Side Table

Our Price $1,509.00
RRP $2320

Miami Trunks Set/2

Our Price $2,599.00
RRP $3995

Trunks Set/3 Hide

Our Price $1,219.00
RRP $1695

Trunks Set/3 Tan

Our Price $1,069.00
RRP $1475

Trunks Set/3 Dark Brown

Our Price $1,069.00
RRP $1475

Two Tone Storage Trunk

Our Price $699.00

Two Tone Trunks Set/2

Our Price $499.00

Two Tone Suitcase Trunks Set/2

Our Price $249.00
RRP $249

Summer Trunk

Our Price $1,179.00
RRP $1575

Blanket Box Small

Our Price $325.00
RRP $450

Blanket Box Large

Our Price $465.00
RRP $645

Blanket Box Medium

Our Price $359.00
RRP $500

Ambala Trunk/Coffee Table

Our Price $909.00
RRP $1210

Exotic Indian Chest

Our Price $795.00
Free Delivery

Vintage Rattan Trunk Key Biscayne

Our Price $549.00
RRP $695

Vintage Rattan Nantucket Trunk

Our Price $549.00
RRP $695
Free Delivery

Rattan Trunks with Tray Tops Set/3

Our Price $1,669.00
RRP $2085

Pavillion Cargo Suitcases Set/2

Our Price $559.00
RRP $750

Verandah Chest Square

Our Price $549.00
RRP $765

Plantation Chest Square

Our Price $549.00
RRP $765

Verandah Coffee Table/Trunk

Our Price $799.00
RRP $1095

Verandah Bed End Chest

Our Price $979.00
RRP $1305

Plantation Bed End Chest

Our Price $975.00
RRP $1300

Plantation Coffee Table/Trunk

Our Price $799.00
RRP $1095

Rhode Island Trunk/Console Set/2

Our Price $1,069.00
RRP $1365

Embellish your home with all the elegant charm of a decorative storage trunk. From modern timber styles, provincial inspired rattan trunks to the more traditional metal versions, here at Interiors Online we are sure to have a style that will elevate your home decor to the next level in our vast collection of decorative storage trunks. Perfect for the living room, bedroom and home office the decorative trunk is a must have storage item that will provide the perfect mix of elegance, functionality and style to your interior for many years to come.

All You Need To Know


Decorative trunks can be made from a variety of materials depending on their age and purpose. Vintage trunks differ in material vastly to the more contemporary trunks being produced in the modern day. True vintage trunks were mostly constructed from zinc, iron casing or wood and tanned leather. Contemporary trunks are available in a myriad of different materials from the traditional leather and metal (inspired by the older style of trunk making) to the modern day options of rattan, timber, stainless steel, animal skin or hide placed on a lightweight pliable moulding and fabric also upholstered over a lightweight trunk body frame. Decorative finishes on trunks are hugely popular and can range in material from leather buckling and strapping, gold leaf embossing or brass/chrome/copper/ studs.


Trunks are exquisite interior pieces that serve both as wonderful decorative accents and as useful storage containers. They can be included anywhere in a homes décor as long as they are integrated into the interior aesthetic as a focal point. Trunks can be used throughout the home as a chic storage solution and are hugely on trend for the year ahead where they are being used as coffee tables, bedside tables, chic end of bed storage, children's room storage and sideboards. Storage trunks are a fabulous way to inject character and personality into an interior and tend to come with a worn worldly aesthetic that transcends across a myriad of interior aesthetics


The decorative trunk is highly versatile in terms of interior styling in the home. They really are suitable for use in most rooms with the living room, bedroom and office being the most popular. Decorative trunks styled as a coffee table in the living room is perhaps one of the most inspiring uses for this chic piece of storage furniture. Traditionally storage trunks where introduced to the home interior to be used at the end of the master bed for blanket storage during the warmer months, so this another very beautiful and exceptionally functional way to introduce a trunk into the interior of your home.


Depending on what your storage trunk is made of there are a few different methods of cleaning available. For leather trunks, it is best to give them a light wipe over with a soft damp cloth to remove dust weekly and then a liberal application of leather conditioner once a month to keep them supple and in good condition. For wooden trunks, they should ideally be wiped over with a slightly damp cloth once a week also to dislodge dirt and dust and then given an all over treatment of furniture oil, wax or polish once a month to maintain the quality and integrity of the wood finish. Metal trunks also require a weekly wipe over with a damp cloth and then a shine up with a solution of one part vinegar to two parts water in a spray bottle lightly misted over the trunks surface and polished over with a microfibre cloth. For fabric trunks it is best to vacuum them once a fortnight with a brush vacuum attachment to ensure that dirt does not build up, it is recommended to use upholstery cleaner to deep clean your fabric trunk twice a year but always remember to spot test before applying the cleaner for the first time!

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