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Lighting your home has never been easier than with Interiors Online's vast range of transformative interior lighting. With styles ranging from contemporary right through to industrial and scandi, we have lighting that is sure to complement any aesthetic or space in your home. Here at Interiors online, we have all your lighting needs covered.

Lighting Questions And Answers


Interior lighting is one of the most vital elements and key aspects of any living space; lighting has the ability to change the mood and perceived size of any interior room. Utilising the right type of lighting and ensuring the correct placement is a difficult task, but it’s crucial to the design process as lighting works in conjunction with further areas of interior home design, such as colour selections, room size and layout, fabric choices and furniture selection. It is only when these elements come together perfectly that a room benefits from harmony and effortless cohesion of design.


Having a source of ambient lighting is fundamental in any interior. Ambient lighting refers to lighting that provides an area or space with overall lighting and is sometimes referred to as general lighting. This type of lighting radiates a comfortable level of evenly distributed illumination without glare. Light is generally cast over a wider area by pendants and downlight fittings positioned in the ceiling. This is the most common component of a lighting scheme and is the one you'd expect to see in most homes.


A lighting plan is a crucial element when designing your interiors. It provides a clear concept of the lighting fixtures and fitting you will need in your home and where they will be located to ensure perfect illumination in your interior. This process usually takes place after the architectural and interior plans have been designed. To build a lighting plan you need to evaluate the rooms and spaces in your home to decide what types of lighting you need (ambient, accent and task) and where it will need to be placed. Since different rooms are used for different purposes, they will have specific lighting needs. Once you've determined what kind of lighting you need and where it needs to go, you can start deciding on light fixtures and choosing lamps, lampshades, chandeliers, sconces, and more to make your lighting as beautiful as it is functional.


In interior design Lighting is key and to ensure your home is adequately illuminated it is vital to understand the three main types of lighting that are used in most home interiors.

Ambient Lighting
As the name implies, ambient lighting provides the general ambience and main source of uniform illumination in the home. Light is generally cast over a wider area by pendants and downlight fittings positioned in the ceiling. This is the most common component of a lighting scheme.

Accent Lighting
Accent lighting serves a mainly aesthetic purpose, highlighting specific parts of a room that are desirable within aesthetic interior design. Attention can be directed toward an item of furniture or a particular wall hanging through the creation of contrasts in light and shadow as well as to break up the uniformity of a room's ambient lighting and add extra depth.

Task Lighting
Task lighting sits at the very base level of the lighting scheme and consists of smaller fixtures that are used only as and when a task calls for it. Think bedside table lighting, reading corner lighting, designated cooking lighting in the kitchen or desk lighting in the office.

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