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Buyers Guide: How To Choose The Perfect Chest Of Drawers

 Are you guilty of piling up clothes or stacks of laundry on the nearest surface? Or perhaps you’re simply drowning in too much stuff, with nowhere convenient to put it? There’s no doubt that ample storage is the key to creating a harmonious, calming bedroom space, which means that a chest of drawers is one of the most versatile and practical pieces of furniture in your house.


What’s more, the right chest of drawers can also add a sense of elegance, style and sophistication to your room, making it not just a functional furniture item but a statement piece that can really pull together a room. We’ve pulled together a few key things to consider when on the hunt for your perfect chest of drawers.



Chests of drawers come in a range of sizes and shapes to choose from, and the right size for you all depends on what you intend to store in it. If you’re not sure, try creating a list of all the things you wish to store in it to help you visualise what size might work best.


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Chests of drawers come in a number of configurations and styles. Here are four common options to explore when you are looking for the perfect chest of drawers.


The ‘Tall Boy’

One of the most popular chests of drawers, a tall boy is a chest of drawers that usually comes with four or more drawers. This means it offers a lot of storage but takes up minimal floor space—perfect for those smaller rooms or for maintaining a minimalist feel to your space.


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The ‘2 over 3'

The 2 over 3 style of drawers consists of 2 smaller drawers on the top row, and 3 larger drawers beneath, giving you plenty of room for storage while offering two compact drawers for accessories. This is ideal for keeping undergarments separate.

The ‘4 over 3'

The 4 over 3 is a slightly larger version of the 2 over 3. This allows plenty of room for storage with its 3 large bottom drawers, and plenty of room for segregating accessories in its smaller top 4 drawers—a great option for family bedrooms.

The ‘3 over 3'

The ‘3 and 3’ This is a low chest of drawers that offers plenty of room in its large deep drawers, as well as plenty of surface area upon the top of the chest. This chest of drawers can be used in combination with a mirror to create a vanity unit.



The overall look and feel of chests of drawers can also differ greatly from one unit to the next. Perhaps you love a vintage or mid-century feel, or you might be looking for something with a light, airy Scandinavian style to complement the rest of your décor. Have a good look at the surrounding furniture in your home so you know what will work well.


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Lastly, the materials your beautiful chest of drawers is made from can have a huge impact on the vibe and aesthetic of not only your piece but your overall space too. Wood is the most common material used in the construction of chest of drawers—not only does wood work well in both contemporary and traditional interiors, but it’s also sturdy and long-lasting. In terms of colour, darker tones create drama in a minimalist home, while beachy, washed-out hues work well in more classic interiors or for those homes with a sense of Hampton chic.

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Paola Bone Inlay 9 Drawer Chest Diamond Black

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Bone Inlay 9 Drawer Chest Honeycomb Black

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Kimora Bone Inlay 6 Drawer Chest

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Petra Bone Inlay 9 Drawer Chest Starburst White

Our Price $5,649.00
RRP $6500

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