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Bed Heads

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Duke Woven Caramel Leather Bedhead King

Our Price $1,949.00
RRP $2295
Free Delivery

Duke Woven Black Leather Bedhead King

Our Price $1,949.00
RRP $2295

Sunflower Bedhead Double

Our Price $579.00
RRP $810

Zulu Bed Head Queen

Our Price $3,999.00
RRP $5060

Zulu Bed Head King

Our Price $4,399.00
RRP $5500

St Barts Headboard Queen

Our Price $619.00
RRP $830

Ponti Headboard Queen

Our Price $489.00
RRP $675

Ponti Headboard King

Our Price $559.00
RRP $775

Surrey Headboard Queen

Our Price $879.00
RRP $1390

Surrey Headboard King

Our Price $999.00
RRP $1575

Hampton Headboard Queen

Our Price $749.00
RRP $1040

Hampton Headboard King

Our Price $789.00
RRP $1095
Free Delivery

Sorrento Headboard Queen White

Our Price $599.00
RRP $725

Mayfair Brookes Bedhead King

Our Price $999.00
RRP $1330

Manto Bedhead Queen Black

Our Price $819.00
RRP $1090

Manto Bedhead Queen White

Our Price $819.00
RRP $1090

Manto Bedhead King White

Our Price $889.00
RRP $1185

Manto Bedhead Queen Elm

Our Price $909.00
RRP $1210

Manto Bedhead King Elm

Our Price $999.00
RRP $1330

Louvre Bedhead Queen Elm

Our Price $1,069.00
RRP $1430

Louvre Bedhead King Elm

Our Price $1,159.00
RRP $1550

Atticus Bedhead Queen

Our Price $789.00
RRP $1260

Atticus Bedhead King

Our Price $899.00
RRP $1430

Coco Bed Head Queen Pebble Grey

Our Price $939.00
RRP $1260

Bedheads are the ultimate in bedroom furnishing they offer a fabulous opportunity to inject colour, texture and style into your room. From luxuriously upholstered bed heads to ornate carved wooden options right through to extravagant on trend right now velvet bed heads, you are sure to find a style that will add personal flair and a chic aesthetic into your bedroom. Ensure that your room is an oasis of tranquility and calm by setting the perfect scene with a most impeccable bedhead from our unique and inspiring australian collection.

Bed Heads Questions And Answers


Bedheads are available in a myriad of different shapes, heights and sizes and when choosing, much of the decision is determined by personal taste. However, there are a few steadfast rules when it comes to bedhead height that does need to be adhered to. Standard bedhead height for a single or double bed sized bed should ideally be 40cm above the top of the mattress whilst queen and king sized headboards are best to sit around 80cm from the mattress. Extra tall headboards can be used as a statement piece above the bed and can be as tall as you personally want, with the general rule being that the headboard should never be taller than the bed is long. You should always take into consideration the scale of the room, the height of your ceilings and the height of any predominant furniture or decor items in your bedroom when considering the height of your bedhead. You should always aim for a clean visual line and good aesthetic flow within your space.


Beheads have been in style for far longer than any of us could imagine and their origins are incredibly fascinating. The bedhead can be traced back to the earliest Egyptian pharaohs who had slaves carve ornate headboards in ebony, silver and gold. These were purely decorative items and intended for show rather than comfort. The Greeks and Romans also constructed headboards however they used more sensible building materials such as wood or stone. Rather than remaining a purely decorative item, the headboard was used by the Greeks and Romans for more practical purposes such as sheltering them from cold draughts or for using to eat food off and for socialising making the bedroom the true entertainment space of the home. Whilst no one "invented" the headboard as such, the pharaohs of ancient Egypt have been found to have the earliest pictorial evidence of headboards in existence in history.


A bedhead instantly updates the style of any room and is a great way to inject colour, personality and even texture into a bedroom. Styling a bedhead and its fellow bed is an entirely personal pursuit, however, there are some small tips and tricks that make the job easier. Pair your bedhead back with pre-existing tones in the decor of your room whether it be a feature tone or a more neutral palette, this ensures constant cohesion throughout your room. Your bed linen choices should work back to complement the colour and style of your bedhead and then add throw rugs or cushions in similar tones to tie the look together so that your bed and bedhead become part of the same story. If you have a bedhead with built in storage space, ensure to keep displays minimal and do not over clutter the bedhead itself as this will take the focus away from what should be a statement piece of furniture. Keep in mind when styling your bedhead that it is the hero piece of your bedroom and all other items in your room should complement and support it rather than fight for attention against it. If your bedhead is highly textured then keep other room textures to a minimum but if your bedhead is of more neutral nature, ensure you add texture elsewhere on the bed or bedside tables.


If you are a fan, as so many of us are, of white bed linen then the world really is your oyster when it comes to selecting a bedhead to suit your penchant for an all white bedding scheme. The question that you need to ask yourself is, do you want to stand out or fit in? If you want to stand out then opt for a bolder colour or more extreme texture in your bedhead, this will compliment your all white bed linen and work well to create a focal point in your room. Perhaps tie in the tone or texture of your bedhead by using cushions or a rug in a similar accent colour on the bed to add some cohesiveness to your look. If you would prefer to blend in and create a more neutral and tranquil style bed then there are still plenty of unique ways to incorporate a stylish bedhead with your all white bed linen. Opt for a bedhead in a lighter wood, rattan or an upholstered soft toned fabric that compliments your white linen. Wood and white linen are a match made in heaven, especially that gorgeous Scandi inspired lighter wooden tone if you're after a more minimal style.White bed linen will always be classic and chic, so ensure that your bedhead is of the same nature and you will have a look that is forever timeless.

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