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Round Mirrors

Wall mirrors are an incredibly chic and practical on-trend home decor item that not only adds instant charm to any room but also effortlessly creates the illusion of extra space and light throughout the home.
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Mesh Mirror

Our Price $259.00
RRP $360

Spike Wall Mirror

Our Price $359.00
RRP $595

Ryan Round Mirror

Our Price $269.00
RRP $360
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Crafers Round Mirror

Our Price $399.00
RRP $485

Sphinx Mirror

Our Price $435.00
RRP $715

Spring Wall Mirror

Our Price $399.00
RRP $820

Valencia Wall Mirror

Our Price $245.00
RRP $405

Fantasia Round Mirror

Our Price $385.00
RRP $1390

Cos Round Mirror

Our Price $449.00
RRP $640

Nero Round Mirror

Our Price $119.00
RRP $350

Palais Mirror

Our Price $629.00
RRP $845

Julian Round Mirror

Our Price $355.00
RRP $470

Portofino Round Mirror

Our Price $559.00
RRP $780

Chicago Round Mirror

Our Price $535.00
RRP $715

Samantha Mirror Black

Our Price $439.00
RRP $610

Samantha Mirror Champagne

Our Price $455.00
RRP $630

Alsace Round Mirror

Our Price $609.00
RRP $810

Bolivia Mirror 100cm

Our Price $165.00
RRP $240

Orson Mirror

Our Price $179.00
RRP $240

Taj Round Mirror

Our Price $1,089.00
RRP $1430

Howard Mirror

Our Price $275.00
RRP $385

Theodora Mirror

Our Price $299.00
RRP $845

Gwenyth Mirror

Our Price $599.00
RRP $1630

Luna Mirror

Our Price $350.00
RRP $1095

Flower Mirror

Our Price $649.00
RRP $1350

Marigold Mirror Large

Our Price $409.00
RRP $545

Round mirrors make the perfect statement piece in any interior and can be used as a focal point in a hallway or entrance or as an ever so stylish decor item in any room of the home. From sleek contemporary designs to super chic wood or bamboo styles you are guaranteed to find a round mirror that not only accents your home styling to perfection but reflects your aesthetic when you shop at interiors Online.

All You Need To Know


Depending on where you are hanging your mirror, different height rules apply. If you are hanging a mirror above furniture, the height of the furniture determines how high you install the mirror. Hang the mirror so the bottom is 4 to 6 inches above the upper edge of tall furniture; for example, maintain 6 inches between the bottom of the frame and the top of a six-drawer chest. This creates a visual break and doesn't allow the mirror to tower over the item below. For furniture, less than 30 inches high, hang the mirror as close to eye level as possible, which ranges from 57 to 65 inches from the centre of the mirror to the floor. Go slightly lower than this when hanging a mirror over a buffet console in a dining room. Because people are mostly sitting in this type of space, natural eye level is lower, this also applies when hanging a mirror over a sofa. When hanging a mirror on a blank wall with no furniture then you should aim for the centre of the mirror to be 56– 60 inches from the floor, which places it at eye level. The larger the mirror, the closer to 56 inches from the floor the measurement should be.


Mirrors can become integral parts of your home decor and give the illusion of extra light and space, therefore it is crucial to pay serious attention to where you select to hang them! Hanging an oval mirror is easy if you follow these steps:

  • Measure the wall space where you plan to hang a wall mirror using a ruler or tape measure.
  • Compare measurements of your wall mirror to make sure it will fit on the wall properly where you plan to hang it.
  • Put a small mark on the wall with a pencil to indicate where you want the top of your wall mirror to be.
  • Use the hanging wire on the back of the mirror to mark the spot on the wall where you want the mirror to hang.
  • Select the best spot on the wall for your nail, screws or hook to hang your mirror.
  • Put your hardware, including hooks, nails, brackets or screws, in the proper location for your wall mirror.

In order to measure a round mirror, you will need to take the measurement from the mirrors widest point including the frame, this is the diameter of the circle from any point on the outside edge through the center. Round mirrors are perfect circles so the length and width are exactly the same.


It seems we are having a round mirror moment in interior decor right now. In terms of round mirror trends in the year to come there are definitely a few to take serious note of. Bigger is definitely better with oversized round mirrors being used throughout the home in bathrooms, entrances, living rooms and bedrooms. Metal framed mirrors in brass, copper and gold are also hugely on trend as are sleeker powder coated matt black styles. Scandi style round mirrors are here to stay although the trend for this aesthetic is seeing slimline, low profile wooden frames in the blondest of blonde tones take centre stage. Why stop at one round mirror when the trend is to group several together to create a reflective statement piece in your interior. To sum it up, you really cannot go past adding a round mirror into your home interior this year!

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