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Table & Bedside Lamps

Table lamps are an inspired way to add character, illumination, and atmosphere into your interiors. Table lamps are incredibly versatile and can be used for working, reading or simply just to offer that little extra light and style accent to any room.
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Kudu Inner Horn Lamp with Shade

Our Price $969.00
RRP $1295

Tri Gemsbok Horn Lamp with Shade

Our Price $775.00
RRP $1035

Kudu Inner Horn Twist Lamp with Shade

Our Price $749.00
RRP $1005

Cross Table Lamp

Our Price $225.00
RRP $325

Cleo Table Lamp

Our Price $172.50
RRP $255
Free Delivery

Madelia Table Lamp Pair

Our Price $389.00
RRP $460

Lela Table Lamp Antique Silver

Our Price $165.00
RRP $245
Free Delivery

Oliver Table Lamp Pair

Our Price $509.00
RRP $600
Free Delivery

Jagger Table Lamp Pair

Our Price $279.00
RRP $340
Free Delivery

Ribbed Lamp with Ivory Shade

Our Price $229.00
RRP $295
Free Delivery

May Table Lamp Pair

Our Price $425.00
RRP $500
Free Delivery

Ezra Table Lamp Pair

Our Price $339.00
RRP $400

Elin Table Lamp

Our Price $345.00
RRP $535
Free Delivery

Dane Table Lamp Pair

Our Price $289.00
RRP $340

Table lamps are essential in the home, they can be used not only for their essential function but also as a fabulous tool for creating cohesion within your interiors. For a style that fits your homes aesthetic perfectly Interiors online has the ultimate collection of lamps in Australia for your bedside right through to your side table to ensure your home glows with happiness.

Table & Bedside Lamps Questions And Answers

What are table lamps made of?

Lamps in the modern day are available in a diverse array of styles, therefore, the materials they can comprise of are numerous. The base of the lamp can be made of steel, bronze, ceramics, copper, chrome, wood, plastic, porcelain, acrylic, animal horn, wicker, glass or even concrete. The table lamps shade can also be constructed from a myriad of different materials including fabric, yarn, wood, wicker, plastic, parchment, paper, silk, linen, animal hide, cotton, glass, metal, and ceramic. Quite often darker toned lamp shades will have a reflective gold or silver liner that is spray coated on the inside of the shade to aid in the maximisation of light output. Most lampshades of a textile nature are reinforced by a wire frame to keep their shape and add structure to the shade.

What are table lamps used for?

Table lamps are an inspired addition to any home interior as they offer both practical and decorative elements in terms of usage. Table lamps can be used as task lighting in spots such as the home office, bedside table or reading nook where they offer direct, focused lighting suited to the task at hand whether it is reading, crafting, or working. Decoratively, table lamps can be used throughout the home to create aesthetic cohesion within your interior through colour, style, pattern or texture. Table lamps are also an inspired way to create pockets of soft illumination throughout your home which adds endless warmth, character, and radiance into your rooms.

What size table lamp for the living room?

In order to determine the correct height of a table lamp destined for use in the living room, several factors need to be taken into consideration. The correct height of the lamp depends not only upon the scale of the room and its furnishings but also on the object it will be sitting on and the determined use of the lamp itself. It is key that you balance the size of your table lamp with its environment and the decor that exists around it as you want the eye to be able to travel seamlessly across your room. As a guide, you should always aim to choose a table lamp that that is between 60cm-90cm in height. The easiest way to ensure that you pick the right size lamp for your living room end table is that as a rule of thumb, the bottom of the lamp shade should always be at eye level when you are seated or resting. Typically the correct height of the table lamp is determined by the seating piece and the table beside it. If you are placing the lamp on a sideboard or fireplace within your living room, then the size of the lamp is entirely personal as you are in essence using the lamp to create a focal point in the room.

What size should a bedside lamp be?

One of the most common decorating mistakes in the boudoir is an off kilter bedside lamp. It really is a balancing act of scale and proportion to get this just right. To garner the ideal width of your bedside lamp you should aim for it to be 1/3 of the width, at its widest point, of your bedside table. In terms of height, it is best to measure your bedside table (following the decorating rule that your bedside table is the same height as your mattress top) and add about 5 extra cm to this measurement for the perfect lamp height. A bedside lamp should always be at chin height when you are sitting in bed so as to provide perfect illumination to read by.

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